Transcript for Allen Taylor letter, 3 September 1849, 5-6.

Allen Taylor, captain of one of the companies en route for the valley, wrote as follows:


"Forche Boise, Sept. 3, 1849.

President Brigham Young,

Dear Brother: Feeling a desire in my heart to write you a few line I embrace the opportunity as the express are now in our camp. We have got along so far with good success, our teams are in tolerable condition. We have, however, had 2 or 3 heavy stampedes and unfortunately considerable damage was sustained and one life lost. Sister Wm. Hawk who was run over by the cattle and lived only 24 hours. The first stampede we had 2 wagons broke, 6 sheep killed and 20 horns knocked off cattle. The same morning, after we got them in the corral and yoked up, they started again and nearly killed 2 men, but are both nearly well. We feel, however, as tho' we had got thro' our stampeding, having had none since we left Chimney Rock and many in our companies [illegible] feel sanguine that they can go to the Valley without help, should they be so providential as to keep their cattle alive thro' the alkali regions. Many of us, however, would be glad of a little help and indeed will undoubtedly require it before we can climb the mountain heights. We expect, however, that Geo. A. is heavy laden, have in having much Church property, etc., and will need the most help, but if the friends of those in our companies can send a little to them, it will be a great accommodation to them and will be most thankfully received by all the company for what will help one heavy laden, wagon that had light team, helps us all, and we all wish to go on together and not leave one behind, because his team may give out, or his load may be too heavy. We do not expect to dictate to you what shall be for us or what shall be for Geo. A. but we look to you for dictation for counsel and for help. <* * *> Bro. Campbell and those whom Geo. A. has sent to accompany him are here, we are doing the best we can for them in getting them fresh animals, flour, etc. They can report from us anything we may neglect to write. We send a list of all the individuals in our Camp. Brother Andrew Perkins is president of 100 with his counselors (Absalom Perkins and Isaac Allred). I am Captain of this the 2nd Hundred. [Reddick Newton] Allred is Captain of the 1st Fifty. Enoch Reese is Captain of the 2nd Fifty. We have only sent the names of head of families. We will furnish the historian on our arrival all the names, cattle, wagons, horses, mules etc. (in camp). I remain your brother in the new and everlasting covenant, Allen Taylor."


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