Transcript for Allen Taylor letter to Brigham Young, 6 September 1848


Platte river, about one mile belove [below] the Upper-ford,
on the 6th of Septbr, 1848


To President Brigham Young!

Dear Sir!

I take the opportunity to write unto you concerning our getting along, but I am sorry that my report is rat[h]er unpleasant on account of loosing cat[t]le. We have averaged 15 miles in a day. Mr. Goodger is with us & keeps his horses in our yard at nights. Game is aplenty. As we were encamping on Sweet-water under the gravelly bluffs it happened that some of our cat[t]le strayed off. As soon as I found that cat[t]le were missing, I went on ahead with another man with me; finding that they had followed the road, we kept it & found 19 head <6 miles east of Independence Rock> at the devils gate; I send them to the camp (16 miles) & went on alone in hopes of finding the rest; when night came I returned, & got to the camp towards morning, after suffering much, being unwell & the night being very dark & stormy so I had trouble to find the camp. I have had men out a hunting for them all the time till now, but all in vain; there is 9 head gone as yet, belonging as follows:

1 head to Bro. Bidville
1 [head] to [Bro.] Farbush [Forbush]
3 [head] to [Bro.] Wm. Mid[d]leton
1 [head] to [Bro.] Sam. Clark
1 [head] to [Bro.] J. Benson
2 [head] to Sister Gean [Gheen]

Three oxen has died, being too free to work, belonging as follows:

2 head to Sr. Smith.
1 [head] to [Sr.] Rogers.

I have the Epistles read to the Saints, as we meet with them, & it causes them to rejoice. Some our Brethren the soldiers catched up with us last night. I have had very bad rising on my left wrist, so I have not being able to hunt the oxen myself after the first day till now. The 19 head were found amongst a very large gang of Buffalo, & the others kept the road, seamingly from the traks, & then got in with a herd of Buffalo & got off, we have spent 8 dais ahunting for them. Elijah [Elisha] Averett had got a very bad rising on his right hand & has got the mountain fever besides. As I dont know any more to write, I bring my letter to a close, & I will endeavour to gett along the best we can & remain your affectionate


Brother in Christ
Allen Taylor