Transcript for Allred, Reddin Alexander, Journal 1855 Mar.-1863 Mar

Thurs. 25th Elder Lyman started after sunset and went fifteen miles. I went to Bro. Thomkins's and pounded the door and sister T. Baked us a sack of crackers. in the evening. Bro. A. Lytle gave me 2$ cash. Bro. Casteel gave me some dried beef[.] Bro. G. Rolph gave me some shugar. And several of the sisters was very kind in cooking up somthing for us to eat on the way viz. Sisters Lyman. Crosby, Jackson, Shepperd & Pratt.

Frid 26th. Bro. James and I started about sunset & Bros. Rich and Newal accompanyed us. They inted to go with us thro the pass. We came up to the camp at 12 o clock

Sat. 27th. We went to the last water in the pass and rested awhile. Bro. Fairbanks broak his wagon toung [tongue]; He spliced it with but little trouble and drove on. We went to the foot of the big hill at the summit of the pass and camped for the night.

Sund. 28th. We got up at 4 o clock in the morning, and by doubleing teams we got all of the wagons up by ten A.M. Elder Rich called us all togeather and gave us a few words of instruction—said that Elder Lyman was our captin by right, being an Apostal [Apostle], and he wished us all to obey him in evry perticular.

After General Rich and the Brethren that came along to see us off, had bid us fairwell and returned; we got under way. While going down a little hill, the Cattle our neckyoak broak. I fastened a roap to the end of the toung and to the hames which answared untill we got to the Mohave, whare we camped. Elder Lyman appointed me Sergent of the guard. I placed two men on watch and the same time and releived them evry two hours.

Elder Lyman called the camp togeather for prayr before going to bed, and at the same time detaled the guard for the night. This is the rule we adopted & designed keeping it up the entire journey. Four o clock in the morning was the hour set for rising in the order to make an early start.

Mond. 29th. When we geathered the amimels [animals] up to camp to catch them Bro. Fartheringham's horse broak thro. the guard and run back the road; he took Bro. Keeler's horse and went back for him. We drove on to the camping place called the grocery and camped, in good feed—wood & water conveniant. Bro. F did not get in to camp untill 8 o clock in the night. He went back near twenty miles before he could caught the horse.

Tues. 30th. To the camping place near the round mountain—good feed—water poor

Weds. 31st. We went to the place of leaving the Mohave—rested—took in water, and then drove ten miles out to a place of good bunch grass. The teams did not get in untill after dark.

Thurs. Nov. 1st. We got under way before sunrise and went to the bitter spring

Frid. 2nd. Started at one o clock A.M. and at about 8 A.M. we stoped and took breakfast, and then drove to the Salt Springs. The wind was in our face all day & it blew very cold & disagreeable.

Sat. 3rd. We got under way at one o clock A.M. and went to the Amagouse [Amargosa] springs, where we arived at 10 A.M. & then got breakfast and lay by the remainder of the day.

Sund. 4th. To resting springs. We doubled at the big hill.

Mond. 5th. To Stump Springs.

Tues. 6th. This morning four of the animels was missing; and a part of the teams and went ahead and the others wated untill Bros Maxfield[,] Fartheringham and I went back eighteen miles and got them. In the afternoon one of General Rich's mules in my charge took the collic. We stoped at the Mountain Spring and I doctered the mule and adminstered to her by laying on hands untill she got better. The other wgons went to the Cottonwood, where feed was more plenty.

Weds. 7th. The mule was better—the swelling was gone—but no passage—Continu

We went to where the other wgons were and restd the remainder of the day. Feed good.

Thurs. 8th. Mule no better. We went to the Los Vagus [Las Vegas], where there was a Missionary Station from Salt Lake. They have a small fort very well laid out and nearly completed. They comenced there in June last; and had raised a very good crop of corn, potatoes, turnups, Squashes and a little wheet and oats. They had succeeded in taiming the indians so that they would work and take squashes and corn for pay. We got two indians to heard our animels at night for which we gave them a shirt each and their supper and breakfast.

Frid. 9th. I was kept very buisy attending to the sick mule and geting some repairs to the wagon. The indians took care of the animels[.] Elder Lyman preached in the evening and by his request I spoak after him

Sat 10th. We continued our journey; Bro. J.[ames] T.[illmon] S.[anford] Allred went with us as interpreter. He is one of the missionaries, and was going home on a visit. The mule appeared a little better. We stoped at sunset and let our animels eat untill two o clock next morning.

Sund. 11th. We started at 2 A. M. & went to the Mud[d]y. The indians herded our mules here also and they was very frendly.

Mond. 12th. The indians stole our shugar[.] We went to the Rio Virgin, and up it a few miles and camped at 8 P.M. Bro. Conger <with the mail> came up with us last night, and camped with us to night also. The indians watched for us.

Tues. 13th. Went ten miles up the river

Weds. 14th. We travled only ten miles. The indians heard that the Utahs ware coming down to traid [trade] for some children, and all went back except two, to hide their children before the Utahs came down. Bro Savage with the San Bernardino mail camped with us. He brought me a letter from Bro. Reddick, by which I learned that my family was well. The two indians took our mules one mile and a half from camp and kept them over night.

Thurs. 15th. To Beaver dam. Six men and one indian took the mules 1 mile out & staid with them.

Frid, 16th. We started by sunrise & drove to Sante [Santa] Clare [Clara]. did not get into camp untill after night fall. We kept two men with the mules and one in camp at a time relieved evry 2 hours. One indian came into camp in the night.

Sat. 17th. Our camp was full of indians this morning. We traided some blankets and shirts with them for some buck skins

One indian requested some of us to go and adminster to a sick child. Bro. Fartheringham and I went with him, but we was not able to talk <much> with him. We went to the last water on the river and camped. A number of indians came into camp; two of them herded the animels. The Chief felt a little cross, becaus we did not traid to suit him.

Sund. 18th. After the mules was all got up and the camp was geting under way, I ascertained that Bro. Hulse's cattle was gone, we left two men with his wagon and drove on.

H found his cattle at the Mountain Meadows 15 miles on the road home. We went to the meadows and camped; While ascending the rim of the basin pleasing sensasion, as tho I was going in to Paridice [Paradise] or some other place of happyness. The mountains around was white with snow, and at the summit it lay in little <small> quantities by the road side.

Mond. 19th. Cousin James & I road ahead to Cedaar City, where we arived at dark; I staid with Elder J. Heights. The teams camp stoped over night in the canyon near the enterance into the Valley, 12 miles from Cedar City.

Tues. 20th. I viseted the Iron Works, which is now in a fair way to do good buisness.

At ten o clock A.M. the wagons came in.

In the afternoon I got a horse of Bro. Willis and road out to Harmony after a mule that belonged to Reddick, and a mare that belonged to Bro. Tanner; and I staid over night with the Sisters Dalton. Elder Lyman preached in Ceder [Cedar] City in the evening.

Weds. 21st. I got the animels and returned. The day was cold, and a light snow was falling all the way and the wind was against me.

Bro. Lyman went to Parowan.

Thurs. 22nd. We went to Parowan. I road the mule & Bro. Findlay road the mare.

Bro. Lyman preached in the evening & I followed him with a few remarks. The Saints ware very kind to us here, and also at Cedder [Cedar]; for we were out of provision and at the latter place they supplied us; and our animels were provided for at boath places

Frid. 23rd. The snow fell <nearly> all day. We started at 2 P.M. and after going 8 or ten miles the storm ceased, or in other words, we came to where it didnot storm. We camped at the buckhorn spring—feed was excelent. I was sceized with the rhumatics pain in my sholders

Sat. 24th. To indian Creak [Creek]. The snow was six inches deep on the mountain. The night was cold and my shoulders paind me very much

We made our calculations to reach The Salt Lake City one week from to day; and devided off the distance accordingly.

Sund. 25th. We went two miles beyond dogs valley and camped where there was but little snow; all the forenoon we had six inches of snow. I suffered great pain while riding.

Mond. 26th. Bro. Fartheringham road ahead to Fil[l]more to procure feed for the animels. I went to the President, as was always my course, and told him that some returning Missionaries including Elder Lyman would be in, & they wish to stop over night, but we had no money to buy feed for our animels. He said that we should be provided for; and we was.

Elder Lyman preached in the evening and I and Bro. Findlay made a few remarks after him. Bro. Warner gave me a bushel of corn, and I left it with him, to pay Bro. Davenport for a bushel of oats that I borrowed of him to feed my mule.

Tues. 27th. To within three miles of the Seviar [Sevier] river; We didnot <all> get in untill about 8 o clock in the evening. We found Bro. T. D. Brown and company in camp, and camped with them. From him we heard that there was to be a missionary ball in the City on thursday evening next and felt sorry that we could not be there in time join in the dance with our family & friends, from whom we have been so long abscent.

Weds. 28th. We got up at 4 A.M. & hunted untill daylight before we found all of the animels. we then went to the river, hauling our wood with us, and got breakfast; from thence to Salt Creak—didnot get in untill in the night. I staid with Bro. Kizzair

Thurs. 29th. To Palmyra. Staid with Bro. Markham. Bro. Amasa preached in the evening. I left my horse with Bro. T. Hoyt at Salt Creak. Bro. Keeler & Co. <staid at> Payson

Frid. 30th. I stoped at Provo and took dinner with Cousin James Ivy. We then went to the American Fork and staid over night. I staid with Bro. Thornton. Attended meeting Elders Findlay and Lyman preached

Dec. 1855 Sat. 1st. We arose very early—got breakfast and I helped Bro. James to harness up his team and then I road ahead for the City, and arived at Elder Orson Pratt's about 4 P.M.. and found my wife and children there awating my arival, for they had heard that we was soon expected in. I will not attempt to describe the joy that I felt in meeting with my family & friends after so long an abscence. My children had grown out of my knowlage & they did not know me, but from the report of their Mother, they was will<ing> to own me as their Father. We took the wagon to sister Rich's and James went home with Harvy.