Transcript for Amasa M. Lyman, Journal, 1857 April 18-July 2, 1858 January 11-May 7, 1862 December 8-1863 April 15, 1-20

Memorandoms of Company that traviled to Utah with Elders Lyman & Rich starting from the, 15th to the 18th of April 1857. Amasa Lyman & Son, Marion, C[harles]. C. Rich & Family, Sidney Tanner, Wm. Mathews & Son, Cuningham[,] Wm. P. Smith[,] John Henry Rollins & Hanah Rollins, & Children <2>[,] Lydia Taylor & 2 Children[.] Elinor Morse & Child, J. Joseph Ridges Wife & Child[,] F. A. Hamond & Family[,] B. Murphy[,] David Williams[,] William Bringhurst & Family[,] Br. Hawke & Son[,] Miles Anderson & Son[,] Phebe Woodworth[,] John Woodworth[,] Timothy Covert[,] Dick a Black Man, Sister Westover[,] Sam[ua]l Smith & Wife[,] John Tate, a, Boy, from India[,] Charles Hardy from Australia traveled with us as far as Biter springs Where he left and returned to Cal.[,] Joseph, Hunt, John King[,] David Savage, Jesse Bishop[,] Wm. Bateman.

April, Saturday, 18th, [18]57. Started for S Lake[.] the Sheriff and party of some 25, men accompanying us Camped in the Cahoon, our heavy Wagons haveing preceded us some some two days with Bro. Riches Family.

(Sundy 19th) Traviled up the Cañon at the Uper Water[.] parted with Br. E. Hanks, whom we Blest before parting for the Acomplishment of his Labours as our General Agent in California while we are absent on our mission to Europe[.] as we passed the Sumit of the Mountain Brs Taylor and Stoe came to us with one of the Gene Mules that had strayed[.] Went to the River Mohave and camped, 1½ ms. from the upper crossing where we found those who had preceded us[.] all well.

(Monday, 20th) to day did not move camp in the morning[.] Brs. Mathews & Tanner Came into camp they haveing camped back, ½ mile[.] dureing the day one of Br Riches Mules got Injured so as to be unfit for the journey, he was force to replace hin by purchaseing one from Br Norman Taylor.

Tuesday 21st This Morning one of My Mules had gone back on acount of which we still remained in Camp my Son Marion goeing back for the Mule[.] this Morning our visiting party left us to return[,] among them were my Wife Maria and Daughter Matild and husband, Amasa & Daughter Josephine, we said our adieus and sat down to write the same, the only Death reported in Camp was that of a Shanghigh [Shanghai] Cock belonging Br. Rich[.] cause of Death unknown[.] this evening Marion returned with the Mule.

Wednesday 22and, This morning left Camp at 8 o'clock[.] traviled, 18 ms, camped at 5½ o'clock, with the old setlers the [.nt.] some grass and good water, to day we were joined by Brs. Bringhurst[,] Hamond & Savage. our Co. is now full, numbering 26, effective men

(Thursday, 23rd) Left camp at, 7½ oclock traviled 16 ms, and camped at 4 oclock an twenty mts. weather very warm[.] Slightly relieved by a plesant wind, feed and water plenty

(Friday 24th, Laid by on acount of some stock that ran away, in the evening the Boys returned with the stock

(Saturday 25th) this morning some stock gone, we moved our Wagons, 4 ms, Br. Mathews and son went in search of the missing Stock[.] Camped at 12 oclock[.] good water and feed[.] just at dark Brs Mathews returned with the Stray Stock[.] the wind high and very cold

(Sunday 26th) Left Camp at 7½ oclock[.] traviled 12 ms,[.] Camped at the lower camp on the Mohave at, 2, oclock[.] had some Indians with us from the Colorado. The weather Cool and pleasant.

(Monday 27th,) Left camp at 10, oclok[.] passed over the Sumit towards Bit[t]er Springs and camped at, 1, oclock in the morning

(Tuesday 28) started about 6 oclock and arrived at the springs at, 10, oclock, where we meet a party from Salt Creek who were fleeing from the Phantom of their own discontent (a wearysome and fruitless journey in evry thing but their disappointment) remained here through the day and Improved the watering places[.] the weather rather warm, although coller at night

(Wednesday 29th) Left Camp at 3½ oclock, traviled until 12, oclock and camped[.] feed our stock and tied up until morning.

(Thursday, 30,th,) started at 6 oclock and traviled about, 10, ms, to the parting of the roads[.] there parted with Br Rich and party who were goeing the old road by Salt springs and we went to Kingston spring where we arrived with our wagons at 10 oclock[.] watered and feed and tied up for the night[.] the water tolerable good, feed none.

(May, 1st, Friday) remained at the spring and drove our stock to the grass about. 2 ms, dureing the day some Indians were seen on the hill[.] tied up at nigh[t]

(Saturday, 2,and) at one oclock evening we left the spring and traviled until 9 oclok when we halted an feed then traviled all night

(Sunday, 3,d) stoped at 5, oclock in the morning[.] feed and B[r]eakfasted and traviled on[.] arrived at the Mountain Springs, 5½ oclock[.] there we were meet by a party of the Lamanites one of whom had a package of let[t]ers for Br Rich which he delivered to me after which we regaled the party on a Kettle of Mush which the[y] disposed of in a summary way. Tied up our stock at night and feed grain as there was no grass

(Monday, 4,th) May, this morning left Camp at, 8, oclock arrived at the Cot[t]onwood spring, 4,½ oclock[.] found plenty of feed and water[.] employed the natives to herd our stock

(Tuesday, 5,th, May) to day laid by to rest our stock[.] the weather cool, and pleasant[.] the Chief and family with us[.] In the evening Jim came to us from the Mountain Spr[i]ng but Brought no news of Br Rich for whom he had a Let[t]er:

(Wednesday, 6,th, May) Still waited for the pa[r]ty behing [behind.] win[d] high and weather cool[.] had the Chief Brigham, with us

(Thursday, 7th, May) Still remained in camp[.] wind still high, in the evening at, 3, oclock Br Rich and party came in and Brought in two disabled wagons one Minus a wheel, one an axel tree, and Sister Taylor was verry sick. Aside from this the party were in good health[.] They left one Animal belonging to John Woodworth.

(Friday, 8,th May) To day repaired the wagons and Nursed the sick wooman, the wind had lulled[.] the weather pleasant[.] the sick some what improved

(Saturday, 9,th May) Left camp at, 7,½ oclock[.] reached Losvegas [Las Vegas] at, 7, oclock (ev[ening.]) found the fort a Desolation[,] a sad monument of the fol[l]y of poor short sighted selfish man who can sacrifice the intrests of a Kingdom and people on the alter of personal selfishness.

(Sunday, 10,th May) Laid by and repaired wagons and shod some stock[.] the wind was high

(Monday, 11,th May) in the morning the Ox teams started and a little later the General with his mules, and at 2½ oclock we followed them, halted for super before dark and then traviled on until, 2, oclock Morning when we came to the camp of Br. Rich and party[.] about this time they learned that some Indians had shot one ox belonging to Br. Hawk[.] they took up their teams and traviled on with us.

(Tuesday, 12,th May) This morning halted at, 7, oclock for Breakfast[.] traviled on[.] arrived at Mud[d]y at 5 oclock[.] found a large party of the natives awaiting our arrival[.] the last night we traviled all night not sleeping any.,

(Wednesday, 13,th May) Left the Mu[d]dy and traviled to the high ground and camped[.] had good grass[.] after we had camped Br Joseph Hyde and party came in on their way to California, they had 2 wagons and 7 men,

(Thursday 14th May) Left camp and traviled to the Reo [Rio] Virgin, Camped about, 1, oclock had the Chief Sosho and Band with us[.] they herded our stock for us, and returned them to us in the morning.

(Friday, 15,th May) Traviled about 12,ms and camped at, 3,oclock with the Chief Isaac, and his Band with whom we had a friendly talk, and had them to heard our stock,

Saturday 16th Left Camp at 7 Oclock arrived at Cottonwood or Beaver dam at ha Camped at 3 Oclock[.] distance 12 miles[.] at this point

Sunday May 17th <Bro Lyman left us to visit the settlements on the Rio Virgin & Santa Clara.> Left camp at 7¼ Oclock[.] Camped at the Beaver-dam at 4½ O clock[.] found good water.

The water of the Rio virgin up which we have been traveling for the last four days modestly rivals in its arromatic taste the water of the far fame a Bitter springs.

Monday May 18th Left camp at 7½ O clock[.] Camped in the canñon at 6 O clock[.] cloudy all day[,] a little rain in the night[.] Distance traveled 13 miles[.] Last night sister Hammon<d> presented her lord a daughter

Tuesday May 19th left Camp at 7 O clock[.] camped on the Santa Clara 12½ O clock. here we met Armstong & Party—Traveled 3 miles to the cave[.] Distance 14 miles

Wednesday 20th Left camp at 8 O clock[.] halted at noon and partook of some slight refreshments. Camped at 5 O clock at last crossing of Santa Clara[.] Distance traveled 17 miles.

Thursday May 21st Left camp at 8 O clock[.] halted at noon[.] camped at 6 O clock on the mountain meadows[.] Distance traveled 14 mile

This evening at 6¼ O clock Brother Cha[rle]s Rich's little Daughter Tunis died, after an illness. of about six hours

Friday May 22 Some of the brethren were busy all the morning making a coffin for the child

Left camp at Eleven O clock[.] halted at painter creek to Dine[.] camped at 5 O clock[.] Distance traveled 12 miles

(Saturday 23, May) To day we arrived in Cedar City, where we tarried until Tuesday,

<(Sunday, 24,th May) To day we preached to the people who seemed to enjoy the spirit of their Faith>

(Monday, 25th May) laid by for repairs of some of Br. Riches wagons

(Tuesday, 26,th May) traviled to and Camped on Su[m]mit Creek[.] Br Rich and Myself went Parrowan [Parowan] and preached to the people

(Wednesday, 27,th May) we travilled to and Camped on little Creek and Br Rich and myself preached to people of Read [Reed] Creek

(Thursday 28th May) traviled over the Divide and Camped in the Canyon, had good Grass but no water only what we Carried along in our Wagons,

(Friday, 29,th, May) we passed the Settlement on Beaver to whom we preached and while here the mail from Cal[ifornia] arrived[.] we traviled to and Camped on Indian Creek,

(Saturday, 30,th May) This morning I left the Camp and traviled with the Mail party to Salt Lake, where

we arrived on the (3d of June,) and found my Family all well.