Transcript for Amasa Potter reminiscences and journal, 1857 January-1910 January, 112

June 1st 1859 I made Ready & in company with L[ouis]. R[ice]. Chaffin & Thomas S. Johnson[.] I left sacramento city to go home to Utah[.] We had Perchased a Light Spring Wagon & a span of Horses & with this out fit we started[.] we had stayed in calefornia [California] 8 months & had worked hard to get means to go home[.] We came to the scerinevada [Sierra Nevada] mountains & crossed them safely to carson valley then came on to the sink of the Humbolte [Humboldt] & crossed a Desert 45 miles & came up the Humbolte River three hundred miles & crossed the Goose creek mountains & came on into Utah north of Salt Lake & came to Salt Lake City having traveled this trip eight hundred miles with out any accident by Indians, we met many Emegrants going to the Golde mines & they had met with great los[s]es of stock & several People had been Killed by Indians & they warned us to be on gard continuly but we did not see any Indians. We came on to Provo city Utah county & here I parted with Elder Chaffin & Johnson . . .