Transcript for Amasa Potter reminiscences and journal, 1857 January-1910 January

We worked here at Town called Savanna but when spring came[,] we had not Earned means safissint [sufficient] to take us all through so Father canclnd [canceled] to stay untill the year 48 so we worked untill the spring of 48 by this time we had got a yoak of oxen & wagon & 2 cows[.] We hiched the cows on lead & started out for the West[.] We joined Lorenzo Snows company on the Elk horn River & we traveled in Ezra Chases ten all the way through

Bishop Hunter hired me to drive his sheep acrost the plains and gave me 6 dollars per month[.] we would start about 4 oclock in the morning with the sheep & the train would catch up to us at noon & then we would start & travel to the next camping place & stop untill the company came up & so we traveled 4 long months on the plains—

I carriade [carried] a rifle on my sholder moast all the way & have killed many Antilope [Antelope] & Buffalo near our sheep as we wair traveling & have meat ready for the company when they came up[.] the Indians came to us many times but was always friendly to the mormons[.] This year they did not want to kill our sheep for thare was thousand of other game that they like better[.] We came in to Salt Lake Valley in September in 1848.