Transcript for Andrew J. Shupe journal, 1838-1861, 124-31, 160

Capt [James P.] Brown Said that he had got orders to march to Callifornia [California] and was to Start on the 25th of May So we was paid up to the first of April May we then left the barrax at Pueblo on the 24 of may we then traveled 2 days and camped for one day then I with 5 others men got permishion to go in Search of Some horses that had bin stolen from our company we was gone 4 days and met with the command at a place cald [called] rocky point which was on the 30 may

Monday the 31 I got leaf [leave] to hunt and kild one antelope and bought in to camp and in the evening went out agane and Shot a b[e]ar and crippled it and as it past another man he Shot it in the neck and kild it.

June the 12 the day I agane take up my pen to record Some of our travels on the 1 of June we was on the he[a]d of cherry creek and we traveled down it for 2 days on thursday, two men was put under guard and at the time we was to Start Capt. B cald to me to go with him after we had Started. he Stated to me that he intended to Shoot Som man that day and he wounted me to Sea that it was well don[.] but we traveld that day and came to the South fork of the Plat[te] and no man was Shot we then travel down the river 2 days and crossed over and traveld on til the 11th and after we had camped 4 men came to our camp they was from the church[.] the names of those men was A. Liman [Lyman], Woossey [Woolsey,] Stephens [Stevens] and Tibbets[.] they brought word to us from the church and from our families[.] I got a letter frome my wife Stating the deth of my farther and mother and also of John W[hitstein] Shupe[.] this news was mortifying to me

Sunday 13th we came 5 ms and camped and A. Liman [Lyman] preached to us and gave us good incuragement to go on to Callifornia

14th 11 men was detached to go to laramy [Laramie] in perSuit [pursuit] of Som Stolen horses

on the evening of the 15th 2 of those men returned to the camp with news that they had found Some of the horses in the posseshion of Some frenchman and they refused to gav them up.

16th this morning Capt. B. with about 50 men Started to tak the horses I was one of that number we went to the boat and the men gave up the horses without any difficulty.

Sunday 20th this day we le[…] and had preaching we had good advice given us.

26th this morning A liman [Lyman,] myself[,] R. Stephens T[homas] woolsey and I bough banan Started to go to the crossing of the plat[.] here we lernt that Some of our brothering had built a boat to cross in[.] We came to the ferry and we found Some of the brotherin [brethren.] they ware ferring emmagrants and blackSmithing they as well as our Selvs was rejorses to meet with each other.

28th This day 13 of us was detached to go with T[homas] S[tevens] Williams in per Suit of Some emmagrants that had traded with the frenchmen that had the Stole horse and had taken 2 of them on and also to overtake the pioneers with an express we Started with 10 days rashions under the command of Sargent Williams by order of Capt. Brown the property that was Stolen consisted of one mule that belonged to T. S. Williams the other was ahors that belonged to a man by the name of Wm. Terrel we traveld on to green river before we over took the pioneers which was on Sunday the [blank space] of July[.] they had crossed the river and camped about 2 miles be low the ferry[.] When we came to the river the pioneers met us and ferried us a cross the river we was then escorted to their camp with President B[righam]. Young at the hed of the escort and when we came into camp we was received with 3 cheers and a hosanah to God and the Lamb this was a Joyful meeting to me[.] we then traveld with the pioneers to fort bridger at this place we found the man that traded the mule and he Said that it had gone to Callifornia[.] he was arrested by Williams and he then gave a hors in the place of the mule which Williams let the president hav the hors and the President gave the hors back to the man at this place Williams with a part of his escort returned to mee the command my self and 5 others remaind with the pioneers.


"lived thare tell the 12th day of June then started for the Salt lake[.] we crosed the Missoury river on the 20th day of June 1852[.] arived in Salt Lake City about the last of September"