Transcript for Andrew Jenson, "Allen, Rufus Chester," Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, vol. 1 (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jenson History Company, 1901): 535

Enlisted in the Mormon Battalion.  Ordained a Seventy in 1849 and later became a president in the 33rd quorum.Called in October, 1849 to south on an exploring trip.  In 1851 he was called to go with Apostle Parley P Pratt on a mission to the Pacific Islands.  From San Francisco, he accompanied Apostle Pratt on a mission to South america.  After an unsuccessful attempt at introducing the gospel in Chili, they returned to Salt Lake City in 1852.  Was sent as a missionary to the Indians in the Rio Virgin and Santa Clara country in the spring of 1854, he was released in 1857.