Transcript for Andrus, Milo. "Letter from Elder Milo Andrus," St. Louis Luminary, 7 July 1855, 130

Letter from Elder Milo Andrus.
Completion of Enclosure around the P.E. Fund Farm.— Arrival of Missionaries. A public Dinner in the Western Style. The first fruits from the Farm. Health of the Camps. The general feeling and Spirit of the Emigration.

MORMON GROVE, K.T., JUNE 21. 1855.
DEAR BROTHER.—Judging others by myself I feel as though a word from us at this point of outfit would be gratefully received by you as aften as we can get time to write or find anything new to write about, and at this time we have taken a few minutes for this purpose—and we think that we have something new to write about, that will be glad tidings to all who know and love the truth. We have the privilege of saying now that the ditch and log fence is completed around the P.E. Fund Farm, and that about 30 to 40 acres is ploughed and planted and the teams still ploughing for wheat and other grain. We also had the pleasure of receiving and welcoming Messrs. H.C. Haight & Co. consisting of 19 missionaries on the morning of the 20th and feeling glad to see them and hail the servants of the Lord who are on their way to the various portions of the earth and they were much rejoiced to meet with many other old veterans of the cross that were wending their way Zionward taking charge of the flock that the great shepherd had permitted them to gather into the fold, while all parties viewed with much delight our beautiful situation here, one thought that we might add to the happiness of each other, by getting up in real western life and sitting upon the ground to partake a refreshment called by us, if a dinner, connected with which were some of the first fruites of our labours that had grown on the P.E.F. Farm consisting of onions, peas, radishes &c., we erected an awning of wagon covers and to see the spirit manifest in our sisters in getting up a dinner in as good style as possible made all hearts rejoice after partaking of food and singing a song of praise, we offered up our humble prayers to our Father in heaven asking him to protect our brethren who are outward bound and also those whose faces were set Zionward, not forgetting our beloved brethren, the presidency over the whole church of God and also the editors and presidents of the various missions throughout the world, after which the spirit of the Lord was wonderfully made manifest in exhortations and prophesying all hearts were warmed and comforted, for which all felt to praise the Lord, as far as it regards the health of the camps of Israel is remarkably good though in some instances among so vast a crowd we have some sickness. The Texas Camp has been among the sufferers, as far as we have heard from the camps on their journey, all are prospering. Elder [Richard] Ballantyne will start tomorrow with the first Company of P. E. Fund passengers consisting of 396 souls re-organized the second company of P. E. Fund passengers and the fifth company of the present spring emigration on the 23d inst., under the charge of Elder Israel Barlow and others. The season is getting late and we kneel to pray that the Lord will speedily open the way for the balance of the emigration to be on the move, A small company of the saints from Newark Mo. just arrived in our midst bound for Great Salt Lake city a general good spirit prevails throughout the camp and all seem to be willing to obey the councils that are given them. I now close by giving my kind regard to Bro. Hart and others in the office.