Transcript for Anson Call autobiography and journal, circa 1856-1889

on the 14th of May we left Winter Quarters[.] on the 17 we crossed Helcome [Elkhorn] there we stopped 10 days for the companies to gather from winter quarters and organize[.] They were called the 1st and 2nd divisions[.] The first division was Brighams the second was Heber’s[.] In both divisions 700 wagons[.] I had charge of 20 wagons[.] We took The first division took up line of march on the 27th The Second division 28th[.] We kept constantly moving except Saturdays and Sundays[.] The 1st Division generally about 1 day in advance[.] Camp healthy no accident with the exception of Elisha Grove’s wife [Lucy] who broke her leg by the wagon wheel running over it[.] Grove belonged to my Company[.] The bone was set by Brigham and myself[.] The company was hindered about ½ an hour otherwise than this there was not any hindrance by accidents[.] until The Company travelled with the same organization till we arrived at Laramie[.] Brigham travelled in the rear to this point[.] First on the Camp ground at night and the last person that left in the morning[.] At Laramie we were subdivided into smaller companies the remainder of the way[.] We lost a great many cattle on the Sweetwater and arrived in the Valley September 15th