Transcript for Appleton Milo Harmon journal, 11-15

I started on the 13th of April 1847 with the above mentioned Pioneers and drive a teame for Br. H[eber]. C. K[imball] we proceeded on our way as fast as we posably could, crossing the [blank space] river Horn on a raft thense up the platte river crossing the Loup fork at the old Pawne[e] Station & viledge[.] Crossing over to the main Platte and falling into the Company of a large herd of Buffalo on the first day of May[.] a chase was Commenced and xx 5 Killed the first day and our Camp laid by one day to take Care of the meat. xh then followed on our Course up the Platte grazing passing Dayly [daily] great herds of buffalo in meney places[.] the earth was dearly divested of every green thing. our teamsters could not git Sufficient grass to Sustain them[.] they ware fed on grain that we had provided for the like occations until the grazing got better near the mouth of the South fork of the Platte.

I completed a roadometer and attached it to the wheel of a waggon by which we tell each night the distance traveled throught the day[.] We proceeded on meeting with Some parties of the S[i]oux Indians about the mouth of Horse Crick who was apparently glad to See us and used us well. we ar[r]ived at fort Larimie the 2ond of June and from the fort procured a flat Boat in which we Crossed the Platte to the South Side and proceded on the South Side through the Black Hills until we again Came to the Platte making Something like 600 miles that we had followed the Cours[e] of this River and here had to re-Cross it which took us 8 or 9 days, during which time we made a Kind of ferry boat byy digging out 2 trees of Some 30 feet in length and placing them Side by Side and decking themover. while this was in the Cours[e] of erection most of our Company was ferried over by means of rafts and a Small Boat that we had brought with us.

and on the 19th my xxxxxxxx Self with 8 others was Choson to Stop and Keep the ferry boat. we a c[c]ordingly done so and for 3 weeks was quite busy in ferrying over the Emegrants that was then passing to Oregon. we Cleared to our Selves a bout $70 each. by this time the river became fordable and we rema[i]n[e]d waiting for the ar[r]ival of our Emegrating Com[pany] and waited until the 26th of August.

During this Stay we ware Oc[c]upied in Hunting Antilope[,] Bufalo and Bair [bear.] however only one of the latter was killed but the Circumstance in which it was done makes it quite interesting and shows the danger the thare is in attacting [attacking] these ferosious [ferocious] Animals. the circumstance is this:

Doctor Luke Johnson while on one of his Circuits after Game on Horse back in riding around a Small grove near the foot of a range of mountains a little east of the red but[t]es and at the margin of the Black hills his Horse took fright at the Smell for as yet nothing was seen which put the rider on a lookout and on riding round to an opening which led into a thicket[,] he discovered a large She Bair and 2 Cubs. to take good aim he carefully Slip[p]ed of[f] his horse and at the moment he Struck the ground the Bear Saw him and Came to wards him at the extent of her Speed[.] each jump ac[c]ompanied with a growl and mouth open as tho She was in earnest. but the Doctor Stood firm until his antagonist had got within 20 feet of him and then with unuring [unerring] aim he fired. the Ball took Effect in a fatal Spot and the Bear after a fiew [few] Jumps fell lifeless, and the cubs took fright and run of[f].

We ware once visited by a party of Apoarokas [Arapahoes] or Crow Indianns[.] it happened at a time whens a fast part of our Company was away[.] they had Started to meet the Company that ware following us from winter Quarters who had left us on the 13th July and we did not hear from them until the 22ond of August. during which time 5 of us ware encamped taking Care of the Stock, waggons goods etc. "assisted by Yerick a faithful watch dog and 3 or 4 other asssitant dogs."

When one morning a part of Crows Comeing to us was kept at Bey bu [by] the faithful dogs until we had tim[e]ly warning[,] had arose got our guns etc. and calling out the dogs they came to us. we gave them Some refreshment and with all our watching they Stole Several Small articles and wanted to borrow our horses but these we kept locked up tite [tight] not concidering their credit altogeather not concidering their credit altogeather good. We chose to keep in our own Posses[s]ion our Horses etc.

After finding all their trials fruitless and endeovers [endeavors] to git a hall [haul] in their useful prey Namely Horse flesh the object of their Search. there was 10 of them[.] they left us in the afternoon and proceded in route to the land of the "Cut throats["] via Larimie [Laramie] peak River etc.

We remained here until the 26th of August[.] the Companies yea the long looked for Companies all having ar[r]ived and passed we also Havin he[a]rd from the remainder of the pioneers that they had proceeded via Fort Bridger to the valley of the great Salt Lake and thare Settled upon a purmanent Settlement. the destined place of our future home.