Transcript for Archer, Lucy Brown. Autobiography of Colonel William Nicol Fife

We arrived in New Orleans June 1st, 1853. From there to St. Louis by steamboat. One thousand miles to our camp ground to fit out with cattle and wagons for the plains to Salt Lake City. Fifty-six wagons, over 500 people from this camp to Council Bluffs 400 miles then to Salt Lake City 1,000 miles. I carried my Mini rifle on my shoulder from the camp ground to Salt Lake City, 1,400 miles. John Brown, one of the first pioneers was our captain, one of the finest of men. I was appointed carpenter for the company and captain of ten. That was my first office. I killed any amount of yearling buffaloes, deer, antelope, etc. Our company had very little sickness. One half was sent by the emigration fund; the others paid their passage at Liverpool. I paid for myself, and also for Alfred Lamb. He was a poor man and had been a traveling elder for years. He baptized me into the Church. After that most of his family got to Utah and proved to be a good thing for them. Our trip across the plains to me was a walk over. We had a fine Captain. After I got located in Ogden he often visited me. We arrived in Salt Lake City October 18th 1853, the largest company of the season.