Transcript for Archibald Gardner reminiscences, 1857, 11, 20

William[,] Son [of Archibald Gardner's brother, Robert] was Born May 22 1846 Toway Territory united States while on our Journey to the west or Salt Lake[.] Robert his oldest Son died Aug 13th 1847 Dear Creek[,] Platt River while we was journeying to S Lake[.] at Pa[w]nee Village or Indian town he fell out of the waggon & bothe front & hind Wheels Run over him[.] he lived Some three or four weeks after (crossed out) never having any Pasage after and was Burried at the above Named Place. . . .

We started (crossed out) in Bishop Hunters 100 & Chaplain Storn, 50 I being A Captain of 10 we had to Hand Gaurd & herd & Drive teem yoking up cows & heifers my Wife Driving the horse teem all the way even to over the Big Mountain arriving in the valey on the first Day of October & Marget was Born on the 5 Night or before Day on the 6[.] So you can se what the Lord can Do to Strenthen the back for the Burthen[.] we had the hardest time on the way of any other company having weak teems & heavy loads had to have 15 Month Provisions[.] my horses gave out before we got to Larime [Laramie] so I concluded to feed them some corn & bring them through as I could not take my load without them and by feeding them A few Bushels I got them to hall the Rest & I knew that I would have A teem & then could kill my oxen & eat them but amidst all we passed through the hand of the Lord was over us and we got safe to the place of our Destination.