Transcript for "Arrival," Deseret News, 3 December 1856, 309

ARRIVAL.—Cap. Edward Martin and Company, it being the last hand-cart company of this season, arrived on the 30th of November. As was to be expected, they have suffered considerably from storms and inclement weather, and several have had their feet and hands more or less frosted, but are now comfortably housed and cared for.

Notwithstanding some deaths and the suffering and frost bites since leaving the North Fork of the Platte, we can plainly recognize the kind hand of an overruling Providence in opening a way of escape for so many, in dictating wise and timely counsels to the living Oracles and in moving upon the minds of such numbers to operate promptly and liberally, even to manifest their faith by their works. For never have we witnessed a greater general alacrity in answering to the calls of the First Presidency, and in turning out at such a time of the year with animals, provisions and clothing in abundance, to rescue brethren and sisters that the most who went forth had never seen.

Let the world oppose the gathering of Israel, let the wicked scoff, rage and imagine vanity, so long as the Saints give diligent heed to the counsels of those placed to direct, the gathering will progress as shall please the Most High until, through selecting "two of a family and one of a city," the honest in heart shall have been assembled and the tares left in the field.