Transcript for "Arrival of Captain Bronson's Company," Deseret News, 3 September 1862, 6


On Friday last, about four o’clock, Capt. Lewis Brunson’s company of Saint, which left Florence on the 17th of June, arrived in this city, and camped on the Public Square, in the 8th Ward. The company consisted of 212 persons, with 48 wagons, 75 yoke of oxen, 68 cows, 17 horses and 10 mules.

The following is the organization of the company, as furnished by the clerk:

Lewis Brunson, captain; John Henderson, chaplain; Joseph S. Wing, clerk and captain of the guard; Samuel Williams, O. C. Hoskins, John H. Robertson and Thomas Hunt, captains of tens.

In the company were natives of England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, the Canadas and other British American Colonies, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.

The following is a list of the names of the principal members of the company:

Lewis Brunson, returned missionary, S. Williams and wife, Jos. S. Wing and family, Peter Van Volkenberg and family, W. A. Buggess [Boggess], D. M. Griffin and family, Andrew Prior and family, L. Dangresen, John Molson, D. C. Allen and wife, S[usan]. E. Rogers, J. M. Turpin, O. C. Hoskins and family, Patterson Moss, David Hall and family, T. J. Phipps and family, J. W. [H.] Robertson and family, Jane Robertston and family, C. Fuller and family, D. Fuller and family, John Farrole [Farrell] and family, Margaret Vaughn, Jacob Sterry, John Henderson, A. C. Etchel and wife, James Corbett and family, Thomas Hunt and family, James Fisher and family, Richard Howells and family A. Bosthwick [Bothwick], W. Linzy and family, John Knighton and family, Geo. Jackson and family, Harriet Oterway, Herbert Longson, C. P. Lander, Adel a Sparks, Wm. Lane and family, Wm. Miller, John Tranter and family, James Spain, E. Tadlock and family, Sophia Smith, J. T. Griffith and family, Elizabeth Kirkham, Jane and Louisa Gittens, T. Griffin, A. W. Landers, S. J. Wing, Mary Ann Sanders and family, S. P. Metcalf and F. Rich.

There were only two deaths in the company while crossing the plains—Mercy Ross from England, aged 21 years, and Wm. Mails, aged 16 years, from Indiana. One birth reported. We understand that no accident worthy of note transpired during the journey.