Transcript for "Arrival of Church Trains," Deseret News, 8 October 1862, 113


The third Church train, Capt. [Joseph] Horn[e], arrived on Wednesday the 1st inst. This company left Florence, on the 29th of July, and consisted of about five hundred and seventy persons, with fifty-two wagons. They had a very prosperous journey, but little sickness and no serious accidents.

The fourth Church train, Capt. Ansel [P.] Harmon, arrived in this city on Sunday evening. There were some five hundred immigrants in the train, most of whom, as represented, were in good health on their arrival, but there was considerable sickness among them during the first four or five weeks after leaving the Missouri river, principally the measles, which unfortunately prevailed among the children, as we are informed, to a great extent, and proved fatal to some ten or fifteen. A wagon or two upset, by which two children lost their lives, and one or two adults were injured. There were no other accidents worthy of note, and all seemed joyous on their arrival; the teamsters particularly, who had driven ox teams to the Missouri river and back, exhibited much satisfaction on getting back home again. Most or all of them, were residents of Great Salt Lake City.