Transcript for "Arrival of Companies," Deseret News, 5 September 1860, 212

Arrival of Companies.


Captain [Franklin] Brown's company separated on the Weber, some of the immigrants going down that stream to Ogden, others taking the road to Provo and the balance came on to this city, arriving on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

We understand that there was but one death during the journey.

At about noon on Thursday, Capt. [Jesse] Murphy's company arrived at the Public Square, Eighth Ward. There were two births in this company after leaving Florence and no deaths, and their cattle were in good condition on their arrival.

Capt. [John] Smith, after arriving on Saturday, the 25th ult., with his sister and her son, went back to meet his company on the Monday following, and came in with it on Saturday last, arriving about the middle of the day. Some of those in his train had taken other routes before reaching the city, and there were only about twenty wagons in the company when it reached the camping ground.

On Sunday morning, Elder Wilford Woodruff, George A. Smith, Lorenzo Snow and F. D. Richards went out to visit Elder James D. Ross' company in Emigration kanyon [canyon]. They held a meeting at 1 o'clock p.m., at which Elder G. A. Smith preached an excellent discourse, directed more particularly to the Swiss Saints, Elder Daniel Bonelli interpreting the address. Elder Smith gave the Saints good counsel relative to the various duties devolving upon them, told them to live their religion and be faithful in all things. Elders Woodruff and Richards followed with some spirited and appropriate remarks.

Capt. [James D.] Ross and company arrived in the city between eleven and twelve o'clock on Monday—all in good health and spirits. They have had but little sickness on the journey, and only one death, and that is reported to have occurred in consequence of eating unwholesome meat, in disobedience to counsel.

Each of these companies, on their arrival, were soon dispersed-some going to one place and some to another—most of the immigrants having friends and acquaintances, who had preceded them to these valleys, ready to receive them and bid them welcome to their "Mountain Home."

So far as we have seen and heard, the Saints that have crossed the plains this summer were in good health and spirits on their arrival here; and if they continue to keep the commandments of God and heed the teachings of those having the right to counsel them in things pertaining to their salvation, they will never have occasion to be sorrowful under any circumstances that may arise; otherwise, they may wish to return to Babylon after a while.