Transcript for "Arrival of Emigrants," The Mountaineer, 1 September 1860, Supplement 1

ARRIVAL OF EMIGRANTS.—The first hand-cart company from the States this season arrived in the city on Monday afternoon. There were two hundred thirty persons in the company; thirty-nine hand-carts, accompanied by six waggons, for the transportation of the heavy luggage and the general allowance of provisions. A large number of the citizens went out to meet them as they descended the bench and proceeded to the cattle ground. Capt. Ballo's brass band enlivened the scene by the performance of choice pieces of music. One death only reported—a child of two years of age. Two waggons of Capt. Franklin Brown's company came into the city very late on Tuesday evening. The greater portion of his company struck off for Ogden and other settlements when they arrived at the Weber. On Thursday at noon, Capt. Jesse Murphy's company arrived at the camping ground. The emigrants looked well, the cattle were in good condition, no sickness or deaths reported, two births, one of them shortly before they came in the city. In a few hours after the arrival of the company, nearly one half of the emigrants were dispersed in various directions among their friends. By the time there are few waggons and hand-carts left on the camping ground.