Transcript for "Arrivals," Deseret News, 12 November 1856, 285

ARRIVALS.—Capt. A. [Abraham] O. Smoot with a wagon train and Capt. J. [James] G. Willie with the 4th hand-cart company arrived on the 9th inst.

We were highly gratified with the appearance of the men, women and children who had encountered cold, snow and storms; with the thankful and joyous spirit they manifested; with the cheerfulness of those who had left the comforts and labors of home to encounter hardships for the timely deliverance of their brethren and sisters; and with the promptness of Bishop Hunter, his Counselors and the city Bishops in forthwith furnishing them comfortable quarters and food, in which the citizens most cheerfully and liberally sustained their Bishops.

After all the hardships of the journey, mainly consequent upon so late a start, the mortality has been far less in br. Willie's company, than in many wagon companies that have started seasonably and with the usual conveniences for the trip. The eminent feasibility of the hand-cart movement had been previously demonstrated; its healthfulness is now proven by the experience of this company, late though they were and in storms, cold and snow. And that movement, from the first until now, has evidenced the wisdom and truthfulness of the plans, counselings and promises of the First Presidency upon that point, so far as they were complied with. And wherein they have not been fully carried out, the mistakes and oversights have been thus far overruled for the salvation of Israel, and always will be, so long as the Lord's covenant people strive to 'live their religion.'