Transcript for "Arrivals," Deseret News, 17 August 1859, 188

ARRIVALS.—Gen. H. S. Eldredge, J. W. Coward and Joseph W. Young arrived from the States, on the evening of the 16th, in thirty days from Florence, Nebraska, having left that place on the 17th of July. They are in good health and had a pleasant trip across the plains.

Capt. Stevenson's company, of 53 wagons, was passed by them near Ash Hollow, on the 28th of June. Neslin's, 51 wagons was about 40 miles ahead of Stevenson's. The hand-cart company, with 8 wagons and 57 hand-carts, was 35 miles west of Laramie on the 2d of August. Brown's company, consisting of nearly 70 wagons, and the Church train, 71 wagons, in charge of H. D. Haight and F. Kesler, were encamped on Greasewood on the 6th inst., and J. H. Lemmon, with 16 wagons, was passed near the third crossing of the Sweet Water.

The companies were all getting along very well, though somewhat slowly, and will not arrive as soon as has been anticipated.

Feramorz Little, with a mule train of some 15 wagons, was expected to start from Florence on the 20th of July, and Daniel Davis on the same day, with a small ox train. The latter, of course, will be late in getting over the mountains.