Transcript for "Arrivals," Deseret News, 20 July 1859, 4

ARRIVALS.—Elders L[ouis]. R[ice]. Chaffin, T[homas]. S. Johnson and Amasa Potter, who left here on a mission to Australia, in May, 1856, arrived in this city on Saturday evening the 16th inst. from California, by the northern route. They left Placerville on the 10th and Genoa the 13th of June.

Elders Chaffin and Potter arrived at San Francisco last fall on their way home, but not having the means to come any further then, they had to go to work and earn it, and remained in California during the winter. Elder Johnson arrived there in March with a small company that intended to come through this season, but subsequently resolved to remain on the Pacific coast for the present, some to get an out fit and others to diminish their substance so that they can come, if ever, with less expense.

They report that the feed between here and Carson is excellent, never better, and that between the junction, at City Rocks, and Genoa the road was literally filled with emigrants from the States, the majority of which having taken the route by Soda Springs came into the Salt Lake road at that point. They met many droves of cattle which, together with the emigrant's teams, were generally in good condition, and all getting along first rate.

They met Major Lynde's command between the Humboldt and Thousand Spring Valley, conveying a company of nine wagons, and not one hundred and fifty as has been reported, no accessions having been made to the number after they passed through this city on the morning of the 15th of June. The company of infantry, whose special duty it was to guard the emigrant train, not being pleased with the laborious service, were cursing it as a species of humbuggery of which they had become the victims. Crisman's train was met near Haws' ranch and Godbe's this side of Goose creek.