Transcript for "Arrivals," Deseret News, 8 October 1856, 245

ARRIVALS.—Oct. 1, several of the St. Louis company came in, and probably all of them are now here.
—Oct. 2, Elder Bunker arrived with the 3d handcart company.
—Oct. 4, Elders Daniel Spencer, John Van Cott, Franklin D. Richards, George. D. Grant, William H. Kimball, Joseph A. Young, James Ferguson, William C. Dunbar, J. D. T. [John Daniel Thompson] McAllister, Cyrus H. Wheeloch [Wheelock], Nathaniel H. Felt, James McGaw and Chauncey G. Webb, returned from their various missions. They left the frontiers on the 4th of September, and report a continuation of lively times in Kansas, and some killing and depredations by the Cheyennes, who had killed Thomas Margetts and child, James Cowdy and wife, and carried off Margetts' wife; they had also killed several persons who were with A. [Almon] W. Babbitt's freight train; and Babbitt and the two men with him were missing. Margetts and Cowdy were on their way back to England by their own counsel.

Some of the companies of Saints will be late in arriving; but we omit particulars, for Elder Ferguson kept a journal of the incidents of travel across the plains, which we trust will be written up in time for the next 'News.'

Br. Feramorz Little returned from prosecuting his trip to the States, his company being deemed too small to travel below Laramie.