Transcript for "Arrivals of Trains During the Week," Deseret News, 1 October 1862, 105


On Wednesday the 24th ult, Capt. Homer Duncan’s company of immigrating Saints arrived, as expected, being the first church company, so called, the teams of which were sent form the mountains last spring, and have been to the Missouri river and back with oxen, accomplishing the entire journey in one hundred and thirty days, and the return trip in sixty-four days as per report, including all delays and hindrances, which certainly must have been a few in number.

Kimball & Lawrence’s freight train, so called, in which were about thirty wagons, including several loaded with merchandize for Mr. C. H. Bassett, R. C. Sharkey and others, came in on Thursday, and on Friday, Capt. [James] Wareham’s independent company arrived.

The second church train, Capt. J[ohn]. R. Murdock, arrived on Saturday, the report of which, made by the clerk, Mr. Reid, is published in this number.

The teams in Captains Duncan’s and Murdock’s companies, which have been to Florence and back this season, have returned in excellent condition, and generally look better than those which were purchased on the frontiers, and have only been driven from there since the 1st of July.

There has been some sickness among the immigrants while crossing the plains, more than common, mostly mountain fever and diarrhea, and about fourteen deaths occurred in each of the church trains after leaving the Missouri river before arriving in this valley, principally children, as we are informed, which is certainly a very small per cent, considering all the exposures to which the immigrants, mostly direct from European countries, have been subject while traveling by land and sea nearly half the circuit of the globe.

Capt. [Joseph] Horne’s company is expected to arrive some time do-day, and Capt. [Ansel P.] Harmon’s in the course of a week.