Transcript for "Arrived," Deseret News, 7 November 1855, 277

ARRIVED, on the 2d inst., 22 wagons of Capt. [Isaac] Allred's train, mostly laden with goods for Snow & Co., with a few articles belonging to the Church and some boxes for different individuals. On the 6th, T. S. Williams & Co.'s 2d train of merchandize in 43 wagons; and Livingston, Kinkead, & Co.'s 3d and last train is expected in to-morrow.

THE PART OF CAPT. ALLRED'S TRAIN which had to halt on Green river, and to which Bishop A. O. Smoot took men and animals, would probably camp on Bear river or Yellow creek, on the 7th inst., and may be expected to arrive in a few days.