Transcript for "Atchison An Outfitting Point," St. Louis Luminary, 23 June 1855, 122

Atchison an Outfitting Point.

To give our readers an idea of the amount of business done in our city, we give the names of some of the principle shippers who are now outfitting here. Livingston, Kinkead & Co., the Salt Lake Merchants, who had made arrangements to start from Leavenworth City, after outfitting one train at that place, which was four days arriving within five miles of this city, landed the ballance of their freight, (80 tons,) here, and will do all business which they may hereafter have, in the outfitting line, at Atchison. Mr. [Seth M.] Blair, another merchant, with a large train and heavy freight, is also in our place, making arrangements to start for Utah, at an early day. Messrs. Hooper & Williams, will start from Atchison this season, about one hundred and fifty waggons, and probably a much larger train next spring. Mr. Kimball, with his extensive train, heavily freighted, is on the eve of departure for the Salt Lake valley. The merchants named above, comprise the chief business firms in Salt Lake City, and have control of the vast trade between that place and the States.

In addition to the large shipments of the traders named above, the entire Mormon emigration, which is of itself sufficient to build up a large town, starts from Atchison. We cannot give the exact number of waggons necessary to convey five thousand emigrants, with their goods and effects, so long a journey, but out readers can see that the number must be large. They have already landed at our wharf about a thousand tons of freight, and a much larger quantity is yet to arrive.

This is the first season that shippers have been suited in an outfitting point. Here all advantages offered, (separate, in other places,) are combined. The best range in the world, with a great quantity of good water, a healthy City, with a good landing; large an commodious warehouses, and stores well filled with goods, adapted to the wants of the emigration. Shippers who have examined this place, endorse it as the best outfitting point for the California, Oregon and Salt Lake Emigrants, on the Missouri river.