Transcript for Attley, Henry William, Reminiscences, in Papers, 1858-1910

We being impressed to leave Saint Lewis [Louis] and go up the River to Florrence [Florence] and take our chance. Called in a Broker and sold all our Furniture, and Bought some Provisions and went up the river to Florrence [Florence] with a company of Saints that was going in a few days. Edmond El[l]sworth arrived a few days after with the first company of Saints for Salt Lake. Mr. [Thomas C.] Armstrong sent his Boy to me, saying his Father wanted to see me, I went and he wanted me to drive his Team to the Valley w[h]ich I consented too. Captain El[l]sworth was prepareing to move on. there were 4 private outfits traveling with him, and I was one of them. The company being ready we formed in line. It was a grand sight to see them travel, the hand Carts on the lead, and the wagons in the rear. All went well, till we got to Wood River here we had to Ferry across the River. After we all got over one of the company seeing a cloud as big as a man hand at first in the distance. We watched it and found it increased and roleing over and over and coming very rapid towards us, and in a littew[h]ile we was in the middle of it and it Burst with a loud Explosion, the rain coming down in Torrents and the Lightning was terable. and a man was killed by it as he was drawing his hand Cart from the Ferry Boat. We laid by for 2 days and held a Funeral over him and Burried him. On the road we came to a large Encampment of Ind[i]ans drying their Buffalo meat, they stood and looked with amazement at the hand Carts and seeing our luse [loose] herd of Cows and oxen they demanded a Beef of the Captain before they would let us pass on which was given to them.

Captain El[l]sworth sent some men with a wagon to the Woods to cut a Tre[e] to raise our Wagons beds up, to keep the water from our Flour, the Laramie river being very high. After the wagons Boxes was raised and we was again ready to mouved. The Captain came to me and said he wanted me to take the lead, as I had more controle over my Cattle then his Teamsters had. and he leading out on horseback down to the river which <was> exceedingly wide. After comming out and turning my cattle out to Feed. I went to the river and found the last one going in the water on the other side. I then went to the wagons and took the Tents out and put them up with the other Teamsters for the Ladies to dry their clo[th]es

At the Plat[te] river 12 miles from Laramie River we being heavily loaded had to bye [buy] a nother Yoke of Oxen before assending the Black Hills. Armstrong bought a Yoke at Deer Creek, and coming on a lone to catch up with the company who was ahead of us. we met 2 men and a Woman and child, one of the men Armstrong was ajuainted [acquainted] with and they wanted us to Camp with them which we did to our sorrow and the next Morning they let Loose the Cattle and they run back to deer Creek the 4 Yoke, with the Yokes on them. The men then got into the wagon and drove off. Armstrong following after them to get the Cattle He was gonne all day and came back at Night without them.

We was camped here 8 days before we got them, about the 6[th] day 12 Indians armed with guns and Bow and arrows came galaping down the Hills towards us, and my Wife said to me Oh look at them Indians what shall I do. I answered do as I tell you, for I saw them first and offered up a silent Prayer to God to give his Spirit to me, that I may know how to act with them[.] they came up full speed towards me as I was standing by the camp fire, the Chief on the lead and gave me a paper from a Government Post. Recomending the said Cheif and Indians as good and frindly to the Government and to feed them, as they ware on way to there [their] Hunting grounds. I told my Wife to provide food for them which was done. They ware armed and Powerfull men

The cattle being found we again started on and Traveled for 2 Weeks all alone. And we kept along the Plat[te] river and finding good feed and coming on a heavy rain we camped for 2 days. here The second Night I had a Dream[.] I dreamed I started on the rode and drove about a mile and a half and looking Back I saw a company of Saints with Hand Carts which filled me with joy for we were very lonely[.] I awoke and got up and made a fire and calli<n>g my Wife up to make Breakfast and w[h]ile eating breakfast I told them it was the last day we would be alone. I then yoked the cattle up and role [roll] on it being a Lovely Morning, arriving at the Place I had previcely seen the Night before in my dream[.] I knew it again and turning round as I did in the dream I saw the company[.] it was Bunker Company and We came in the Valley with them[.] He told us that the 2 men and Woman was killed by the Indian[s].

Came in Salt Lake Oct. 5, 1856

Cap [Edmund] E[l]lsworth [Salt Lake] Sept 16, 1856

at deer creek, he bought a youke of Cattle, and being detained thereby, Edmond El[l]sworth and company went on and left us, to come on. we traveled 12 miles towards the Plat[te] River, here we came to a Hill and a carri[a]ge coming down, and it was Thomas Margetts and a man and his wife Named Cowley[.] Thomas C. Armstrong was well acquainted with him in Quin[n] Street London Book Office. Margetts asked him ware he was going and he said to El[l]sworth Company[.] why I met him at 1 Oclock this Morning[.] their [they’re] a long way off from here, you had better camp here for the Night. I told Armstrong that if he went on top of the hill he would see the camp, as it was not more thin [than] ½ a mile and as we had a New yoke of cattle they would stay with the herd better, and not go back to deer creek were you bough[t] them[.] It being about 7 Oclock at Night and Cowl[e]y was turning out his horses to camp for the Night and his wife was making a fire to cook supper Armstrong said he is a Intimate friend of mine and I want to stay with him to Night and I beli[e]ve he passed the company as he said. I told him that he had left the church and was cut off the Church in Salt Lake and Cowley too, And wanted our company as he was afraid of <the> Indians and that he had lied to him to have his company [.] well it was his team and I complyed and tur[ne]d my Team towards his wagon and took the 4 yoke and cha[i]ned them to the Trees by the Plat[te] river for the Night. In the morning I got up about ½ past 4 and made a fire to have a Erly start[.] Marget[t]s was up a littler [little] w[h]ile after and came to me and said why dont you loose the cattle and let them feed[.] why I said their is no feed for them here nothing but the bare ground. O he said they will find something and I did not comply to let them loose, and Told him E[l]lsworth camp was only a little way above the Hill, Armstrong coming up, he said why dount [don’t] you order your teemster to let them cattle loose to feed[?] I said theire is nothing here for them. Marget[t]s said to Armstrong you turn them loose foure [your]self. I don’t understand them. Marget[t]s said shall I Loose them[?] Armstrong said yes. I then stept up to armstrong and said if you let him loose them they will run back to deer Creek and take the others with them and you will have to go after them for I will not. El[l]sworths Camp is only a little way over the Hill, and after breakfast we will start for the camp and thay can feed with his herd at Noon. Marget[t]s went up to the cattle saying if they go to deer creek I will ich [hitch] up my teem and bring them back. As soon as he dropt the Chain of the Yoke he Bought they started to run with thier tailes stretch out and the others went after them with ther heads down tairing [tearing] up the grownd with their horns. I then went up a high hill that overlook[ed] the way they went and see them still going full speed. W[h]ile on the top of Hill I saw Marget[t]s go to his wagon and get [h]is Rifle out and aimed at me. my Wife said what are you going to do, shoot him. he said no I going to skair [scare] him[.] I stood still on top of the Hill and being Impraced [impressed] waited till he fired the Rifle off. I came doon [down] and asked him what he fired at me for. he said he doneit to skair you. I knew better. He icked [hitched] up his teame and went off never askin[g] Armstrong to ride with him. Armstrong had told him all I said to him I beleive[.] I told him their goes your Intimate friend[.] he has not ask you to ride with him or go after the cattle as he promise[d] you, he has had our company for the Night and that was all he wantted. It was 8 days before he found them, going every morning & coming back at Night. The five day a band of Indians 7 in number came down the Hill armed with guns and aroes [arrows] with their quivers full and galloped up to me and gave me papers from the U.S. Government saying they were frindly and feed them. My Wife seeing them coming said look at the Indians. what shal I do. I answerd do as I tel you. I lifted up a Prayer to God, asking him to teach me how to deal with them as I did not know thiere language. I then with my hands made a Sign for them to Circicle [circle] all, being led that way. and going to the wagon and teling my Wife to make some food ready for them. armstrong[’s] Mother said we can not do ti [it]. we canot feed all them men. I told her to hold her tongue and to give my Wife all she ask for, as the Indians could take all we had and gave instructions to my <Wife> how to act, to lay the clooth [cloth] on the grownd and place the food on it. I then went to the Indians and set with them in a ci[r]cle they leaving a Place for me to set[.] the Cheif fil[l]ing a pipe of Erb [Herb] tobacco and lit it smoked it, and gave it to me, and I gave it to the next one and he to the others til it came to the Chief and he put <it> away then the food being ready we all came and ate toger [together.] After smoking the pipe of Pease [Peace] and had dinner thay all got up, sadled their horses and pooting [putting] the Cheif on his horse shookhands with me saying you have a windwind Squau [Squaw]. and left. I told Demec Huntingen [Dimmick Huntington] some years after how I acted with them Indians, and he said who lerned you the Indians Language. After we got the cattle we traveled 2 Weeks alone, and one Night I dreamed I went about a mite [mile] and turning round I saw [Edward] Bunkers Company coming[.] the Next morning I told my Wife we would <have> company to day and when I came to the place the next day turning [a]round I saw them coming as seen in the dream

Captain Bunker told me Thomas Marget[t]s was Shot and the man with him[.] the Woman was striped Naked and tied to a Tre[e] Alive. Some Emigrants coming by, released her and she went East with them.

We then had Breakfast and saw a Carrage coming down the Hill towards our Tent, and the man asked if this was Armstrong Wagon[.] I said yes. He said Mr. El[l]sworth sent him to say He would wait for us til Noon and then go on. I asked him how far is his Camp from here. He said just over the Hill you will see it. armstrong herd all he said but our Cattle was gonne and we could not mouve. Armstron[g] and his son Started off for Deer Creek for the Cattle.