Transcript for Austin, William, Autobiographical sketch, 1882, 6-7

I went to Harris grove also and took peice of land and built a house and went to work to raize a crop[.] i stayed there told untill i made a raise to come to come to the valleys

i left there in the spring of fifty two with two yoke of oxen six cows a good wagon and cart and a yoke of steers and a good fit out[.] we left our home the last of April and lay in camp some weeks before we started to travel. we were organized into fiftys then crosed the river and there we were prepared for the journey of eleven hundred and fifty miles acrost the plains[.] the Company was divided and i had Charge of thirty five wagons[.] we traveled all that distance without going through a white settlement[.] there were a few Soldiers stationed at Fort Larimie [Laramie] <about> five hundred miles from the river also a few at Fort Bridger we saw plenty of Indians on the way it being an Indian Country[.] all the way we had to tie up the stalk night and stand gard all the way through

we arrived in salt Lake valley on the eight of October.