Transcript for Autobiography of Levi Ward Hancock, circa 1896, Autobiography, Part Three, 1896 June 6, 98-100

. . . in the Spring I went over to winter quarters and saw Brother Brigham and he said we should have another team. We had got two pigs one cat one dog, two yoke of cattle all of Father’s tools four cows 27 bushel of corn meal and 25 lbs of flower to be used in case of sickness[.] I had got for our nuts some shoes for us boys but mine were well worn[.] we took along Levi and Ira Reed when we got to winter quarters sure enough the President had a team for us which Levi and Ira drove we started from winter quarters the 18th of May 1847[.] Mother was in the team I drove but She walked all the way untill we got to Cache Cave—We started from the mills the 15 of May and from Winter quarters the 18th Where we went to the Elkhorn and was organized in Captain Zera Pulsipher’s Company[.] I[t] fell to my lot to stand guard with John Alger[.] the first night out I took my turn with the men day and night besides it was Mosiah this and Mosiah that untill I was well nigh worn out[.] when I was on duty in the day Mother drove the team[.] Levi stood guard also

Ira drove that team when Levi was on duty[.] We heard that Father was at Platte Ferry[.] When we got there he was gone he had heard that we were not coming this summer. So he goes back to the Valley to make a fresh start his animals were there and he had made a little means which he took in[.] Brother Lewis Robinson was at the Ferry when we came up he was going in to the valley and I think that he in a jokeing manner invited Mother to go with him Saying we might catch bro Levi before he arrived in the Valley – Mother being of a persevering nature took the bait had her wagons rolled out for the journey[.] Captain Pulsipher told her to stop and asked her what She wanted to start out that way for saying the Indians would kill us before we got through[.] She said She would sooner risk that than to have her free hearted boy killed “you know <said she> that You have imposed on Mosiah[.] Besides his guarding day and night he has to run at the call of tom dick and harry untill he is nothing but skin and bones” – Said he “Your tongue is hung in the middle and works at both ends[.] the cussed thing out [ought] to be cut off[.]” Mother ordered out her little company[.] we came on. When we got to Cache Cave we stopped to noon[.] some of the Battallion Boys came along with their Pack animals going on to the States[.] They said President Levi W. Hancock and Brother Petigrew is comeing behind They are going to the States[.] Brother Hancocks Family are not comeing on this season[.] “ We bid them good “bye”[.] now Said Lewis Robi[n]son “ Mosiah you get on the off side of your team[.] Sister Clarissa you get in Mosiah’s Wagon [.] Ira get in the other wagon drive on[.]” every thing was done so quick—I held the dog diamond in my arms – we met the two Brethren[.] “How are you bro Levi[.] how are you Brother Petigrew and where are you going?” Oh! to the States Said Father[.] My wife and Children are not comeing on this season and I am going to bring them on next season good bye[.]” “good bye” was the answer as on they rode—“O Brother Levi[,] What would you now give if you could meet your Family now right here[?]” “O, I would give all I am worth[.]” But what would you give me this minit [minute] if I could Produce your Family now Your Wife and Children”? Father comes back looks at the Team sees Ira Reed’s wide chin under the Cloth of the Wagon he was driveing[.] sees the dog in my arms[.] Jumps from his horse and into my Wagon—I suppose we might as well let the curtain fall[.] Lewis’ had his fun our joy was full[.] Brother Petigrew went on alone leading his animal[.] We traviled towards the valley[.] it was the first time mother had rode[.] She hapened to get her foot between the harness and Box and hurt it conciderably so She rode the most of the way from there to the valley[.] when I had got to the mouth of emigration Kanyon [Canyon] my nigh hind wheel broke down it was the wagon sent to help us and it was old[.] the bottom of the Spokes was wrapped with rags to keep the wheels from wabling and groaning with their infirmities[.] But soon men and Brethren were on hand to cheer us, hearing how nobly mother had generaled the journey with out the loss of even one of fathers tools[.] we got in the 3rd of august 1848