Transcript for Azariah Smith autobiographical sketch, 1903, 6-8

I made out to get some 500 dollars and with a Co. in the Spring prepared with some wagons, and pack animals to start for Salt Lake. And three of the brethren went to find a pass through the mountains but not soon returning, others were sent, and soon returned having found the place where the first three were killed and buried by the Indians. And on July the 17th we travailed about eight mile to the place where they were killed, and opened the grave, find all three of them there. And we built a wall around them and filled it up with rock inside. And on a tree close by was engraven, Sacred to the Memory of Daniel Browett, Ezra H. Allen, and Henderson Cox, who were supposed to have been murdered and buried by the Indians on the 27th of June, 1848. The two former were married men but Bro. Cox, was single. We fired a cannon, (having two with us) while there, which so frightened the animals, that they ran off, and we could not get all of them again. Bro. Allens purse of Gold was found with blood upon it, and was brought and given to his wife. We had a very hard time to get through the mountains. But I had pack animals, and while helping get the wagons through, my pack mule broke his leg, and I had to leave him, and Sometimes putting my pack in a wagon, and help to drive the Stock, having some cows and calves with us. And we were bothered much by the Indians stealing some and trying to shoot us. But by keeping guard, and watching close, we got along safe but my good riding horse was stolen. But with much trouble crossing mountains, and Rivers, and plains we acomplished our object. And on Sept. the 28th I rode ahead, and about 2 oc I arived at S.L. City, and after riding around some, I found Father, Mother, Sisters and Brother all well, living four mile from the City.