Transcript for B. F. S., "A Prophecy," Juvenile Instructor, 15 February 1882, 63

How true is the word of prophecy! After the Pioneers, on their way to seek a location for the Saints, had been out some six or seven days from Winter Quarters, we met a company of mountaineers traveling to the Missouri river. One of our company, Brother E--, saw in this a good chance to return. He had not the spirit of the mission, and as he saw plenty of hard fare in prospect he wanted to get honorably released, of course. Being of the mess to which I belonged, and from the same branch, he wanted me to see the President and get him released on account of poor health. I called at President Young's wagon (being camped for the night) and told him what Brother E---wanted.

"Well," said he, "if he has not got the spirit of this mission we might as well let him go back. But, as Brother Kimball had him called I want you to see him and tell him what I say."

I called at Brother Kimball's wagon and found him at supper in company with Brother [Howard] Egan. I told him what Brother E--wanted and what President Young had said.

"Well," said Brother Kimball, "of course we will release him!" Then, after a few moments' meditation he said: "I am sorry; for if he goes on he will live, but if he goes back he will die."

Seeing that I was rather astonished at this remark, he added: "O, I did not mean that he would die temporally by returning; but; said he, with some emphasis, "he will die spiritually."

After a few years, Brother E--came on to the Valleys and settled at Provo. He was appointed Bishop's clerk and clerk of the High Council, and in time married a second wife, and was very much prospered in the land with flocks and herds.

I marveled that Brother Kimball's prophecy about his spiritual death had failed; but after a few years Brother E--concluded he must go to California to get a "fit out," as it used to be called[.] He took both his wives with him, but the second wife returned, and a few years since I heard of Brother E--being in San Bernardino, keeping a salon and gambling house.