Transcript for Bailey, Charles Ramsden, Autobiography [ca. 1905], 49

The Spring of 1863 came along all right and another Call for Men and teams And our Proportion was 9 Men and 8 teams 32 yoke of Oxen and one horse and Man for a Guard[.] I was Calld at the head of the list to take Charge of Wellsville[, Utah,] Mendon[, Utah,] Hyrum[, Utah,] & Paredice [Paradise, Utah] teams 20 in Number this Season[.] I Cooked for 12 Men and drove team And did it Cheerfuley & Eeasey [easy.] the boys gave me good Assistence and as Soon as we got in Camp noon or night we Set to work and had our meal Ready in thirty Minuites[.] we had a hard time to get Such a large fit out of men and teams work[.] Cattle was not so plentiful[.] I took My first Steers that I raised along with me however[.] got fited up and Started[.] Bishop Wm B Preston was Captain of 65 wagons

we Started 10 of April <1863> And went through the Mountain to Brigham [City] And had a hard road lots of Snow drifts and Mud And Stormey wether till we got behind Salt Lake City then it got more Pleasant[.] Captain [William B.] Preston would ask me all about the road and how to Make our drives for feed and water as I was the onley one that had been twice along the road[,] but I remembered the road from the first time I came when a boy[.] when we got on the Platte River we met mor Emegrants Coming west then before And they was Surprised to see so maney teames Coming from Utah[.] there was 12 large Companies 60 x 75 waggons in Each Company

In latter part of June we arrived at florance [Florence] And found a large Crowd of People there[.] After we had been there two weeks one day while standing at a storm about 6 of us three Young Ladies Cam[e] along and I remarked boys there Comes my Girl whom will be my wife[.] And the boys looked at me And asked me which one I said the Midle one[.] they Said you have never Seen or Spoke to her yet[.] I said no but I will of Course[.] They Laught at me[.] however in a few days we went to a dance And I Spoke to her but She Seemd hard to make understand And when She did not want to understand she would Say Nix [.......] and I began to wonder About my dreams of two years ago And if there was any thing in it[.] and in a few days Thomas Lishmon [Leishman] told that My girl was gone in the Sanpete Company[.] now Said he what about that you Said that time at the Store[.] Well I said I did not know why I said it but I felt that way then[,] but if it aint her it will be Some one Else so I need not worrey about but mark the Change in a few days see how it Came about

one Morning I woke And Said to Joseph Kay My bed Mate[,] I Said let us go down to town to day what for I don't Know but I feel I must go after Breakast[.] we went after Some of the Cattle and had quite a time to get them but we Succeeded And went down to florance 5 Miles[.] there as Soon as we got to the Store Bro Cluff who had Charge of the Scandinaviea Saints Asked us if we was from the Cash [Cache] valley Company[.] yes we are[.] Can you take Some folks that is Campt out here as they want to go in that Company[.] I said yes and told Joe Kay to go after them and I said to Joseph Ill [I’ll] bet you my Girl is there do you think so[?] he Said so[.] he went and I went into the Store in a Short time I See him Coming he waved [h]is whip and hat then I knew She was there we went to Camp[.] Bro Leishmon looked[.] Said he[,] have you been to the Santpeete [San Pete] Company to get her[?] I Said yes[.] he Said you beat all fellows[.] they remaind in Joe Kays waggon all the way And was Close bye all the time

Early in July we Started back for Utah[.] we did not have so verey Maney Emagrants in our Company[.] we had about 15 Kaggs [kegs] of Nails for the Salt Lake Tabernacle[,] we Made good time till we got to Sweet water [Sweetwater] then feed was varey Scarce[,] varey dry Summer[,] then the Cattle began to fall off in flesh taking sick and lots of them died[.] it is then A teamster feels bad[.] I remember loosing one at Aspen[;] however after a hard Jurney we arrived in Salt Lake City And fanialey got unloaded