Transcript for Baird, Peter, Autobiography and diary 1901 July - 1919 May, 2-3

. . .when we got to florence we spent two or three days washing clothing ang getting ridy for the plains; here we mett with another lose a halfe dozen pair of stokings were stolen from our sack which Jessie had knitted for me before leaving Glasgow[.] Alex drove a teem and I used to help him and thereby we had a good time as we were lightly loaded.

We started to travel on the tenth of Aug., and made good time and I felt happy, as we had left Bablon behind on the Plains[.] we came to a forks in the road and being ahead of the train we wandered and a few of us had to stay in the hills all night,

the folling day we wer found and again made happy, we used to gather Buflo chips to cook meals with, when we got into the hills we would awake up some mornings, with the snow all over our beds as we slept under the wagon.

We landed in the valley on the 4, of October 1863. We came in on a sunday, and camped on Imigration Square. We felt pleased to be at our jorney's end, still we wer strangers in a strange land[.] We had relatives or friends to call on, so we stayed in camp till monday morning.