Transcript for Ballard, Henry, Journal and Memoirs, in Joel Edward Ricks, Cache Valley Historical Material, reel 1, item 3, vol. 1, 1 and vol. 2, 3

June 29 [1852] left Kainsville [Kanesville.] I drove a Heard [herd] of Sheep across the Plains for Bros Lorenso [Lorenzo] and Erastus Snow and F[ranklin] D[.] Richards[,] Eli B Kellsey [Kelsey].

Augt 18 Met About 400 Indians East of Larimie [Laramie]

Octr 16 Arrived in Great Salt Lake City

. . . .June 29, (1852) We moved in the direction of the Missouri river as the neighbourhood was so much excited over it so we had to take to our tents and wagons and move off

July 1, (1852) We reached the river near the point where Winter Quarters once stood, while remaining on the banks under the large cottonwoods another one of the famiely died on the 2nd Wm May the youngest son [of George and Hannah Hobson May], we finally crossed the river by a large ferry boat and camped on the north side of old Winter Quarters now Omaha.

(July) 4, The mother [Hannah Hobson May] now Secumed [succumbed] after being Sick nearly all the way but now the effect of the cholerhee [cholera] and worn out by the long journey and when she was dead it fell my lot to lift her out of the wagon after she was sewed up in a sheet and that was all the preparation we could furnish and buried her[.] I drove a herd of sheep across the plains having to walk all the way wading rivers and having to guard them at night, the sheep belonged to the company which I had bound myself out to Namely Lorenzo and Erastus Snow and Franklin D. Richards and Eli B. Kelsey

Aug. 18, (1852) We met about 400 S[i]oux Indians but they were very peaceable[.] after giving them a few things they went their way[.] we often met a few but never caused us much trouble[.] we had a very severe Snow Storm on the road which caused some delay

Octr. 16, (1852) We arrived in Salt Lake City feeling very thankfull that we had reached our home in Safty[.] my Father and Mother had reached a month before me[.] they having crossed the plains up the South platt[e] river (see notes) settled in Moll Creek.