Transcript for Barker, Margaret Stalle, Reminiscences, 8, in Rebecca Cardin Hickman, "History of Susanna Goudin Cardon," item 2, in [Biographical sketches of the Cardon family, 1934-1960]

The Mr. [Edmund] Ellsworth who had charge of the company, for some reason, badly mistreated the French saints, even depriving them of food. It is claimed, by the children of [Jean] Pierre (Peter) Stalle that he died of starvation. It is claimed that Mr. Ellsworth sold part of the food that should have gone to the saints. When Pierre Stalle was dying, his wife [Jeanne Marie Gaudin-Moise] climbed to the wagon to have a few last words with her husband. Ellsworth came with a rope and cruelly whipped her until she was forced to get down. This was verified by the French families who came. "The captain was a very mean man. At one time a man died and they whipped and kicked him and threw him under the tent. His wife took his shoes to wear and some lady called her a dirty Italian." Susanna [Goudin Cardin] thought she would get it back on them, so one day an English boy told her he would give her some fire wood for a kiss. She took the wood and then slapped him. His mother called her bad names. The next day was raining and she had buffalo chips as well as some wood to burn. They always gathered wood by day for their fires at night. She pulled a hand cart all the way across the plains.