Transcript for Barton, John J., Biographical sketch, box 5, fd. 2, item 7

When did you start?
From England March 1860—From Florence, Neb[raska]. July 1860

By what route did you come?
Sailing Vessel—Underwriter from LPool [Liverpool] to New York—Railroad and Steamboat to Florence Neb[;] Mule team from Florence to Salt Lake City

Under whose command and whose direction?
Captain Horton Haight in charge of Freight train of Capt. Hooper and Co

What interesting incidents took place while on the way?
I will only mention one [incident]. At Florence Captain Haight wanted some ropes spliced and gave them to me but Cap Hooper said don't give them to that Green Englishman but the Captain soon owned up that I could splice a rope or Braid a Hair bridle or Lariet fully better than any of them. And was respected accordingly afterwards.

When did you arrive in Utah?
September 24, 1860