Transcript for Bathsheba W. Smith journal, 1849 June-October, 23

[July] Eleventh we got across the river[.] 11 we got all the wagon across the river next day

12 finished gitting the Cattle and horses across[.] went out a mile or so and camped

13 Mr Smith went to Kainsville [Kanesville.] the weather vary [very] warm[.] the Printers say it was the warmest weather they ever saw[.] the rooler in the office melted down

14 went a bout six miles

15 traveled to the [Elk] Horn monday

16 washed and baked[.] the Brethren held a meeting[.] partly organized

17 crossed the [Elk] Horn[.] 18 traveled a mile or two and camped for the night about Ten O clock[.] the Cattle in Caption [Dan] Joneses Carell [corral] took affright and broke through[,] rushed through a mond [among] our Cattle and alarmed them and all ran off[.] we had a regular stampeed the Cattle runing in every direction and the Breathren after them screaming for help or we would loose [lose] all of our Cattle and hollowing [hollering] wac wac [sic] [--] it was quite laughable but vary frightfull to see <and heare> the boys runn and scream but they got all the Cattle that night and next morning some of them hurt the guard[.] all escaped unhurt though some were runn over

19 traveled 11 miles[.] camped near the liberty Pol <on the Platte>[.] the Breathren held a meeting and organized[.] 21 we sent this day we camp with the Welch

20 traveled 13 miles[.] camped again on the Pla[tte]

21 rainy morning[.] traveled 10 miles[.] camped on shell creek[.] Bro. bentsons [Ezra T. Benson's] Cattle had a regula[r] stampeed that night

22 it rained all the foornoon[.] had meeting in the afternoon[.] Bro Bentsons catt[l]e had another spree a bout bedtime

23 they had another run a way in the morning[.] traveled about thirteen miles

24 traveld a bout eleven miles

5 travled a bout twelve miles[.] camped this [side] of looking glass creek on the prarie with out wood or water late in the evening

26 traveld ten or twelve miles[.] camped on Plumb creek

27 traveled about nine or ten miles[.] Loop [Loup] fork river[.] passed the Ponce [Pawnee] village[.] 28 traveled about miles to another Ponee village near the river forded it without any serious damage

29 we washed and had meeting in the foornon [forenoon] and in the afternoon traveled a bout six miles and found the old road we having crossed down the river below whare the old <road> ford formaly [formerly] was travled about nineteen miles[.] weat [wet] ground for a few miles before we stooped [stopped.] Mr. Smith drove his [-] team to day and had William Hamlon [Hamblin] go out a hunting[.] he brought in a yo[u]ng antelope

<August 1> we leave camp and the first thing is to cross Snare Creek which is bad[.] the three <Companey[s]> are all here which makes it bad[.] Richards[,] Bentsons and ours besides some traders

August the second 2 traveled a bout twelve miles[.] camped on Woodrive [Wood River]

3 traveled a bout 18 this day[.] 4 traveled about 12 twelve miles[.] passed Bro Gul[l]eys grave[.] had aplenty of water but no timber

4 traveled a bout twelve miles[.] camped on the Platt[e] nere the deep ravien [ravine.] Staid [stayed] over

Sunday 5 held meeting had a good time

Monday 6 traveled a bout twelve miles[.] camped on Elm Creek[.] their was two Indians [text obliterated] the carill [corral] to guard them. they had to run[.] [bottom of page torn off]

7 traveled nine miles[.] camped in the prarie[.] carried wood with us

8 traveled 9 miles camped at no[o]n for dinner on the Platte river[.] two hundred and forty four and a half milis from winter quarte[r]s[.] all in good health[.] I believe no deaths occured on the journey as yet or no serious axident as yet with man or beast with the exception of two sheap an[d] one ox [.] we traveled 14 miles this day 9 traveled 12 miles this day[.] I had one of my Ducks killed at noon, some of our men went out yesterday a hunting[.] killed a buffaloo and an Antelope[.] staid out all night[.] Met us in the morning[.] got a wakon [wagon] and team to bring the meat to camp but when ther [they] got where it was left it was gone [.] the woulves had run a way with it but Hanlon [William Hamblin] killed a Antelope and brought in so we had a vary good supper considering we have but little wood with the exception of a few poor Buffaloo chips

August 10 traveled 11 miles this foor noon[.] took dinner on the platt[e] a gain[.] traveled a bout three miles[.] camped early on account of the rain[.] it rained a bout seven Ours [hours] vary hard[.] never heard saw it rain harder[.] we a rose in the morning all safe[.] had a vary bright warm day

11 travel three or four miles camped to wash and bake

staid over Sunday the 12[.] Bro Bentson [Benson] was sick[.] had a good meeting

Monday 13 traveled a bout six miles in the after noon[.] did not travel in the foornoon on account of Bro Bentson beeing so vary sick[.] we have had three antelope but not any Buffaloo as yet

14 stay in camp waiting for Bro Bentsons Co and the Wealch are a blacksmithing[.] our boys have been a out getting Cherris[.] they are vary beautifull[.] their are a great many on the sand hills a bout here growing only a few inches high

15 traveled about four miles it being a bout the last timber[.] we stoped to wash and bake

16 and seventeenth[.] maid short drives on account of Bro Bentsons sickness

18 maid quite a days drive[.] camped on the river[.] it commenced raining before dark quite hard, Mr. Smith stood guard untill half past twelve Oclock[.] in the mean time it thundred lightned rained and hailed[.] it cept [kept] up raining untill after midnight[.] some of the time it hailed vary hard and the hale stones ware as large as wallnuts with the Hull on[.] one, struck my husban[d] on his head and nearly nocked him down, he could not flee from the enemys half pounder on account of the horses[.] they ware so pelted with the rain and hail that he could not keep them quiet, some of them broke their Larietts [lariats] all[.] the loose cattle started off, but Cattle horses and all ware soon recovered and quieted[.] but the rain a pore [poured] down in torents for the most part of the night[.] in the morning all was fine and pleasant[.] we traveled on 4 miles and camped[.] held a prayer meeting in behalf of Bro Bentson who was vary sick[.] had a good meeting

20 traveled about fifteen <miles> over sand bluffs[.] had a hard days journey saw a great many Buffaloo on the other side of the river just before we stooped[.] we saw a large hard of cattle on this side of the river about two miles off but we had hunters out in another dyrection and didnt try to get any of them[.] the Hunters brough[t] in Anteloope

21 about 4 O clock <in the morning> Mr[.] [Almon W.] Babbit arived in camp with the Mail from the Valley[.] we ware hi[gh]ly pleased to see him come[.] we got good news from the Valley[.] Croops [crops] ware doing well[.] health of the People was fine, evry thing prospiring, Bro Babbit read the public doccumints to us in the foor non [forenoon] and read a peace that was written for the Guardian which was vary interesting[,] and in the after noon addressed us on the subject of organizing a state in the mountains whare the Saints may live in peace under the Laws of the constitution of the United states <and also the laws of God> as ther religeius [religion.] we wrote some letters to send to Kanes Ville [Kanesville]

22 traveled 14 miles[.] the William H[amblin] brought in a Deare [deer] just at dark[.] afine Day

23 traveled a bout thirteen miles over some vary bad sand hills[.] Peter got pritty badly hurt with the oxon runing and drawing the chain around him and kicking him[.] hope he will be well soon[.] I have had the Toothe ache ever since the hail storm by getting some wet,

24 traveled 10 miles[.] pritty good roads[.] wrote some letters to the Valley[.] my husband [George Albert Smith] vary buisy writing and preparing the express to send on to the Valley[.] Robert Campbell who returned with Babbat [Babbit] as far as to our camp returns to the Valley with two other Breathren Joseph Patton and Bro Eleat[sic] Babbit got me some Cherries from holler [Ash Hollow] to day[.] ther start today[.] it rained at night

25 traveled 15 miles[.] it rained a gain in the after noon a bout Camping time

26 Sunday morning[.] Robert Campbell[,] Ellett and Capt [William] Patton left us with mail for the Valley[.] traveled about 10 miles[.] saw Indians on the other side of the river they came over w[h]ere we camped [and] traded[.] some hindered us from having meeting[.] the day tolerable cool in the foornoon

27 the day warm[.] trave[led] over some Sandy road but generley dects [descent] roads[.] traveled 15 miles[.] feed rather poor

28 traveled 13 miles over sandy roads[.] feed poor[.] the day vary warm untill towards evening when the wind commenced blowing quite cool[.] continued cool all night

29 coald morning[.] commenced raining about 7 Oclock[.] continued an hour then ceased but cept vary coald[.] rained again bout one Oclock in the after noon[.] <rained for a short time> [.] continued coald all day[.] we traveled about ten or twelve 10 [or] 12 miles[.] passed a peice of a bluff called a Court House[.] vary singular indeed[.] camped at night at a lake that was vary strong thit [thick] Saleratis [Saleratus]

30 coald frosty morning but warm and pleasant in the middle of the day[.] we passed chimney Rock at noon which has a vary strange appearance standing a short distance from the end of a huge bluff mesuring one hundred and fifty feet high[.] traveled 17 miles[.] had good feed at night

31 Hamalen [Hamlin] killed a Buffaloo traveled 12 miles vary plasand day but vary dusty

September 1th 1849 traveled 14 miles[.] roads dusty[.] two or three men got so far out of the way, that they had to take a good Church malling at night[.] Hamlen brought in a Antelop[.] I am half sick

September 2d Sabbath morning[.] all well[.] a pleasan[t] day[.] held a meeting in the foor noon[.] My husband preached an excelant discource advising the Saints how to walk that they may draw down the blessings of heaven[,] advising those that had sinned to be baptised imediatly after meeting[.] others spake vary pritty on the ocasion[.] acordingly after meeting ther ware several baptised and also in the Evening seventeen more ware Baptised[.] we traveled th[r]ee or four miles in the after noon since last Sunday we have traveled 93 miles.

September 3d traveled three miles and crossed the Platt[e]. we are now 495 or six miles from Winter Quarters[.] traveled a bout six miles in the after noon[.] came to a large Indian Village whare thare [were] some traders located[,] building some houses[,] preparing to sittle[.] staid all night neare the Village[.] started early in the morning

<September 4> before brakefast[.] traveled four miles[.] <camped> neare Bro Bentsons and Richards Companys[.] washed and Baked[.] my Husband sent back to the village and bought ten Buffaloo Robes

Wednesday 5 we passed Fort Laramie[.] traveled 16 miles[.] camped on a vary sandy spot of groung [ground] covered with Prickly Pares[.] Sister Jones rode with me in the after noon[.] feed poor had to drive the Cattle a cross the river and heard them all night

thirsday [6] traveled 11 miles over the black Hills[.] feed poor[.] Mr[.] Smith out late with the horses

friday 7th traveled 12 miles[.] roads bad[.] feed poor but wood good

8 Journ[ey]ed 10 miles mostly over hills[.] nooned near Bro. Richards Co[.] feed poor with the exceptions of a small spot of green grass[.] Mr. Smith buisy hearding the horses[.] the Breathren vary uneasy a bout an auld <Bro[.] Davis> man who has not arived in Camp

9, Journed three miles only on a count of Bro Davis not beeing found[.] hunted all night nearley, and a half a day[.] at last found him a bout 5 miles a head[.] Bro [Silas] Richards passed us in this morning[.] we had a good meeting in the evening[.] the Breathren confessed their fa[u]lts one to another and all wint to bead satisfied[,] I believe

11 traviled a bout ten or twelve miles[.] the first thing when we started one of our boys ran over Sister Davis Carriage wheel and brok[e] the exeltree [axeltree][.] that hindered us som tim[e][.] we passed a bluff whare the river ran through it or rather under it[.] we have some strange looking hills an[d] mountains since we came to Laramie[.] the Black hills are vary strange and Lonely looking[.] many Bear are in them and other wild Anamels [animals] yesterday[.] My husband saw sign of a great many Bear while he was hearding his horses in a bottom a mile from whare we ware Camped[.] it rained this afternoon and we have to Camp in the rain[.] seased raining a bit [toward] dark and rained but little more that evening[.] found tolerable good feed at night[.] 11 traveled 5 miles to day over barren plains[.] saw some roughf and mountainous hills[.] allso traveled some roughf roads[.] found a small spot of grass which supplied the horses in the Carell I believe[.] we crossed the river to day

12 traveled 13 miles[.] the Country barren[.] the roads brought came to the river[.] found a good place for the Cattle[.] washed[,] baked Black Smithed[,] hunted[,] killed two [-] and three Buffaloo

on the 13 a beautifull Camping place under some trees near the river[.] all felt to stay one day[.] every thing was so handy, wood[,] water[,] Stone Coal and a good shady, grassy place to work in

14 traveled a bout 10 miles[.] camped on the river a short distance from the road[.] scarsely any grass atall

15 traveled 10 miles[.] left the Black hills to day[.] camp whare the Gold-diggers have camped and tore up waggons and left a good many things in the river[.] Lucy[,] Hannah and I was baptised in the river near whar[e] we ware camped[.] a beautifull place[.] it rained just before dark a little

Sunday 16 traveled 10 miles[.] past one grave some place whar the alkali was pritty thick[.] our hunters came in the morning[.] had killed two Antelope[,] one Deare and hung them up in a tree[.] we go[t] them as we pas[s]ed[.] camped whare we had good feed by going a cross the river[.] a nice camping place[.] we got a letter from Cambbell [Campbell] say[ing] they ware well and left Deere Creek on the third of September[.] we crossed Deere Creek a bout noon

September 17 traveled 14 miles[.] pritty good roads[.] had quite a dusty time in the after noon[.] it rained a few drops[.] passed a grave[.] our hunters are out[.] hope they will be in with a nice loot [lot] of game[.] our folks had a letter from Taylors Co.[.] they say all are well and doing well. we camped in a pleasant place by the side of the river but the feed is poor[.] Jude Apleys daughter was runn over by a waggon but not badly hurt[.] we camped near Bro[.] [Ezra T.] Bentsons [Benson's Co.[.] my husband and I went to see them. Bro Bentson had my husband Preach to them in the evening[.] all tolerable well[.] I am not vary well but hope to bee

18 we leave Bro[.] Bentsons Co and traveled 8 miles over mountains and hills[.] broke down one waggon but soon mended it a gain[.] a heavy loaded waggon ran over Captan [Gashum C.] Case'es Daughter[.] hurt her badly but <did> not break any bones broke[.] <we camped on the river>[.] I feel better to day

19 we camped at the willow springs some time after dark[.] good water but <not any> feed[.] the Cattle scattring in every direction. <we have had> a long days drive and the Cattle hungry and tired

September 20 traveled 12 miles[.] camped two miles from the road[.] we have been two days without feed but got to good feed and we are vary thankfull[.] lost one ox yesterday out of one Co

21 traveled three miles[.] camped with Pres Richards[.] maid a large carell[.] held a meeting at one O clock[.] just as we had geathred [gathered] at for to hear the preaching[,] two breathren rode up just from the Valley they with good news and one hundred teams for to help us on[.] we had a good meeting[.] after the meeting was over we had a short intermistion [intermission] and then dancing commenced and cept [kept] up untill about nine O clock when the Welch Breathren and Sisters entertained us with a few songs which ware sung beautifully[.] after som[e] of our soldes [soldiers] sang two songs which ware composed whil[e] they ware in the serves [service] of the United States which ware vary interesting[.] after some Comic Songs ware sung closed with the Lear sung by C[aleb]. Parry[.] prayer <by> Bro [Isaac or William] Clark

22 washed and Baked, the breathren went out to meet Bro Bentson [Benson] with a number [of] teams[.] all Camp[ed] near each other[.] held a meeting at night

23 divided one [of] the waggons and teams and travel[ed] on[.] Camped at Indipendeance [Independence] Rock[.] Mr[.] Smith and the breathren buisy Making out their writings for the Valley

24 finished making out their papers[.] Bro. Fulmer and Bro Young leave for the Valley this morning[.] the men cannot find their oxon[.] 20 or 30 of them are lost[.] we stay all[.] a number ware brought in in the course of the day and evening and twelve head are have gone back a good distance[.] after dark 4 of the Breathren started after them[.] we expect the oxon are one night and day a head of them[.] about 10 O'clock the Cattle took affright and came vary near having a stampeed[.] they ware yoked up and tied for the night

25 we traveled 8 miles[.] camped[.] had good feed[.] passed the devels [Devil's] gate and some strange looking mountains[.] had pritty good roads


27 had tolerable good feed[.] traveled not vary long days drive[.] traveled over muddy roads[.] Bookwood sho[w]ed us a better way in the afternoon[.] camped at night by the side of the river[.] feed poor

28 traveled three miles[.] stooped and baked and washed[.] I am quite tired out go to sick and nearley discouraged

Saturday 29 traveled these miles Eleven miles <at night>

Sunday 30 traveled 18 miles[.] a bout 11 O clock[.] our boys got back with all of our Cattle and one picked up that had tired out belonging to some other Company[.] they had gone back eighty five miles[.] it snowed this afternoon fore noon and was coald

Oct the first[.] traveled 10 miles[.] camped on the river[.] had pritty good feed. <camped on a branch of the Sweet water>

Oct 2nd traveled 12 miles[.] snow in the after noon[.] coald camping[.] snowing [-] quite hard[.] Mr. Smith is not hear and I feel quite bad[.] do not know whare he is wheather he is left behind or wheather he has gone a head with Bro Richards on Bentsons Co[.] they ware not vary far a head[.] some of the teams <ware in sight> this after noon[.] hope he is safe[.] he arived safe in camp[.] he had walked all day behind the Co[.] is quite tired[.] Camped all in confusion[.] the waggons hilter selter [helter skelter] just as we could

Oct 3th it has snowed all <night> and still continues to snow and blow[.] the snow is all in hanks [sic] about the Waggons[.] a bout nine O clock Thomas brought me som[e] coals in a pot which maid the waggon quite warm for awhile[.] I got up and dressed me[.] the boys gotmaid me us some coffee[.] Mr[.] Smith[,] the children and myself drank some[.] Mr Smith could not cut any bread[.] he was not well[.] we laid a bead [bed] all day untill [al]most night[.] the boys maid some pancakes which we ate[.] the Children and my self had good appetites[.] Mr[.] Smith could not eat, it still continued to snow and blow and was vary coald, the Cattle some of them ware near by in some willows[.] the rest of them had gone off to hunt beter quarters, all quite cheerfull but filt vary bad espeshilly [especially] for the Cattle[.] several Welch familys ware camped behind our waggon and they laughfed and talked so much after night that it maid me quite nerverous[.] snowed all night but ceased blowing so hard towards morning for which we ware vary thankfull, the snow was about 14 inches deep on the level[.] it was vary greveous to heare the Children cry[.] the Ox law [low][,] the Cow ball [bawl,] the sheep bl[e]at[,] the pig squell [squeal][,] the duck quack[,] the <Chicking [chickens]> cheap [cheep] and we couldnot tell them the cause why they had to suffer thus, the place whare we camped we had no wood but the roots of some willows whare the emegrants had cutt of[f] the willows

thursday the fourth[.] it ceased snowing a bout ten O clock[.] a bout 30 men went out in search of the Cattle[.] after searching found a bout one qua[r]ter a bout a mile down the Creek[.] nine reported dead and the rest about six miles on the Sweet water whare they had faired pritty well[.] two horses died belonging to Bro. Simens [William B. Simmons], still continued coald and cloudy[.] the night vary coald

Oct 5 cloudy but more mild[.] the Breathren go out to bring the cattle in got them [in] about one O clock[.] the sun shone out in the middle of the day[.] quite warm[.] traveled about five mile[s][.] turned off of the road to find feed on the willow Creek near the Sweet water[.] it was perfectly amusing to see the Cattle eat the grass whare the ground was bare a good part of the gre[e]ning being bare whare we camped

Oct 6th traveled 5 miles[.] camped a off of the road[.] had good feed[.] had the coaldest night[.] last night we have had vary still and coald[.] sun came out this morning[.] a pritty but did not get vary warm[.] we melt snow to night to cook with use[.] sage brush to burn[.] William brought in a Antelope after we Camped for which we ware thankfull[.] the snow is disappearing

7th Sunday we went through the south pass[.] went down several hundred miles feet[.] traveled a bout 15 miles[.] camped one mile off of the road[.] had good feed for the Cattle but vary poor Sage wood to burn so traveled 7 miles[,] camped on dry Sandy[.] 2 hundred and 18 miles from the Salt Lake City[.] had good feed one mile and a half from camp[.] the snow dissapeared allmost yesterday[.] the toops of the mountains are white[.] the weather is fine

9th traveled 13 miles[.] camped on little sandy[.] pritty good roads[,] sand some of the way[.] snowed some this Morning

10 traveled six miles[.] camped in Big Sandy[.] grass tolerable good

11th camped on Big Sandy[.] traveled 12 miles[.] <snowed some>

12th traveled 15 miles[.] rained and snowed a little in the foornoon[.] camped on Green River with richards Co[.] Mr[.] Smith Preached to them in the evening in front of our waggons be fore a large fire[.] had a good time[.] we also camped last night with them

satterday [Saturday] 13th traveled six miles[.] camped in Co with Bro [Silas] Richards Co. on Green River[.] the wind blows coald in the after noon but went down after dark and began to snow[.] pritty good feed for the Cattle[.] one of our oxon died last night with the bluddy murrain

13 traveled 6 miles over rough roads[.] camped on Green River[.] <had good feed>

Sunday 14 traveled 15 miles[.] had good feed

Monday 16 traveled 6 miles[.] camped on home [Ham's] fork among the willows[.] Richards have gon[e] all but one ten[.] had good feed[.] I washed some

17 traveled 14 miles[.] feed good

18 traveled 17 miles[.] we had the Welch come and sing for us[.] had a fine lot of sage to burn

19 traveled 15 miles[.] camped near Fort Bridgeer[.] Bro Bentson [Benson] and Richards Co left here this afternoon[.] we can see the snow on the mountains again this evening but the weather is fine here whare we are Camped[.] the wind rather sharp[.] looks rather cloudy some like snow[.] our hunters have gone out to try to get some game[.] to night our yo[u]ng folks are having a dance at the Fort

Friday 19 traveled 13 miles we are one hundred miles from the Salt Lake City