Transcript for Bay, James W., Letter, in Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4 Aug. 1852, 1-2

James W. Bay, captain of the first company of immigrating saints crossing the plains this summer, wrote the following to Pres. Brigham Young.

<"Wednesday Aug. 4, 1852>

"Camped on the Big Sandy. I am well and the most of the company well, but our cattle are <weak,> and if twelve yoke of cattle and four wagons can be sent to assist my compnay <company>, it will be thankfully received. There are twelve wagons now in company.

Bro. Jacob Baum and family, twelve in all, journeying with him, and thirty-nine with me. He joined me last Thursday. Bro. Isaac Perry Clark of the Fifty vols. in after the company divided and Bro. Josiah Hardy and family, he is clerk of the first ten, and you may think I have been rather slow, for I have got behind all of the Fifty and pushing them together. Bro. Ely and Bro. Buckwalter's folks and several young men are along. Sister Call and family and I might say myself and wife and Laura Abell, a blind woman, sister to Electa Miller, her that was Westover, and if you will speak to Electa about coming to meet us. It would be a great satisfaction to her sister Laura, for she is unwell and wishes her assistance very much. My wife takes charge of her now, and has since leaving Ohio. I am glad that I am so near home once more, and may God bless you and all that pertain to you and all of your counselors forever. I remain your brother in the new and everlasting covenant.

By James W. Bay.