Transcript for Bay, James Willard. Journal, 1850 July-1858 Apr., 163-75

Tues 25 of May 1852[.] I went to Kanesville[.] walked near 10 ms at night[.] Camped with Br John Higbys [Higbee] Co all night[.] felt well to be so far on the road.

Wed 26 of May 1852 fixing projections and waggon Bowes[.] camped ther all night some 50 waggons of us

Thurs 27th went a fishing in the AM and Br[other] Ez[r]a T Benson organized the first 50 for starting to the valley[.] Br John Higbee the Captain of the 50 to the names of the Captains of 10 was first James W[illard]. Bay Cap of 1st ten[,] the 2nd 10 was Josep[h Andrew] Kelting[,] the 3 was S[tephen] M[artindale] Farnesworth [Farnsworth,] the 4th James Townsen[d,] the 5 was Br Rabbert [Robert] Coldwell [Caldwell]—the 6 Co was John McNeal [McNeill] and for Captin of the guard C[ommodore]. P[erry]. Liston[,] then Br Ezra T Benson asked a blessing upon us then left[.] I went to the ferry about 4 ms

Fri 28 I drove team about 4 ms to the River where we are to ferrey[.] Camped near the River

Sat 29 of May 1852 I had stood guard par[t] of the night and crossed the River[.] 1 waggon came near going over[.] we drove a wais [ways.] Camped at old winter quarters all night[.] felt well to get that far on the road.

Sunday 30 of May 1852 reading and writing some and took a walk with my wife Lucinda and others upon a high bluff or hill[.] Saw some countrey then at meeting in the PM[.] Br John Higby [Higbee] spoke and gave some good instructions to the Company saints[.] I spoke a little and an other man spoke and peace was in our midst

Mo the 31-1852 of May we traveled about 6 ms[.] formed a Carell[.] herded our Cattel and at night tied up our Catten for the night[.] felt well

Tues the 1st of June 1852 first traveld about 9 ms[.] Camped at a creek called the pappell [Papillion] about 10 feet wide[.] had a bridge about 1 R long[.] one waggon came near tipping over, but was saved[.] we took off the Cattle[,] lifted the waggon up and rolled it out[.] we formed a Carell on a pleasent place and we guarded our Cattle out quite late[.] it was near full Moon[.] pleasent time to guard[.] I felt well

Wed the 2n of June 1852 went 9 ms[.] Crossed Elk horn River[.] ferried our waggons and swam our Cattle[,] all crossed in safty[.] Camped in a mile of the fary[.] raney in the night

Thur 3rd of June 1852 som rany[.] we mooved our waggons to a higher place of ground[.] I hurded Cattle in the Morning[.] we traveld 12 ms over a leavel road[.] Crossed a Creek one rod wide 2 feet deep about 2 ms from Elkhorn[.] went about 13 ms. Camped near the River not much timber[,] good grass, [,] place Called the liberty poll.

Fri 4 of June 1852 travled about 13 ms[.] road good [.] Camped near the River[.] guarded our Cattle[.] did not tie up[.] grass good

Sat 5th of June 1852 we travled near 22 ms[.] Crossed Shel[l] creek on a Bridge[.] saw some Indians[.] gave them some bread[.] passed along in peace[.] Camped quite a peace from the River near a pond of water[.] Cattle was guarded out on th[e.] prairys [prairies]. I stood 3 hours Moon light[.] two out of our 10 guarded at a time[.] all well in Camp 1st first 10

Sun 6 of June 1852 day pleasent[.] I wrote some to my sister and herded cattle awhile[.] Mosquetoes vary bad[.] we had meeting and another Captain was appointed making up the vacancy of one Co that left[.] Br John pack was voted as Colonel of the company to assist Br higbee to hunt Camping places on the way

Mo 7 of June 1852 went about 10 ms to Loop [Loup] fork[.] Camped[.] Some done a portion of their washing

Tues 8 June Crossed the Loop fork Earley in the A.M[.] traveled 12 mils[.] Camped near a Clear streem of water

Wed 9 June travled about 15 ms[.] passed a few graves[.] took our wood and watter[.] Camped about a mile from the River[.] I and some of the Brs went to the river[,] got some wood and watter[.] some watter in swails for our Cattle[.] My wife and [I] took a pleasent walk out. felt well in talking

Thur th 10 of June 1852 Morning Clear and Cool[.] travled about 5 ms[.] Came to a Creek of good watter[.] I took a paill of watter along[.] we went about 15 ms and Camped[.] dug for watter to use[.] it was 30 ms to prairy creek from wher we started in the morning our Cattle found some watter in places[.] we Camped it being half way to prairy Creek

Fri 11th of June 1852 We passed 10 graves[.] met some Emigrants[.] they Charged 12 cts a lb for pork and 40 cts a quire for paper[.] they were baking[.] some of their Co died a few days before after leaving their Camp[.] it is a leavel Country for a peace[,] then come to heavy sand hills for 10 ms and about 20 without watter[.] some mud in places but not bad[.] we camped on prairy Creek[.] had Come 20 to day[.] there was 228 souls in Company now

Sat 12 of June 1852 Morning pleasent[.] a good spirit in Camp and health[.] we drove 13 ms[.] Crossed wood River near 2 ms. and Camped on wood <R> plenty of wood

Sun 13 of June 1852 Some herding Cattle[.] som washing and some Cooking and quite buisy times but a good spirit in Camp[.] at meeting in the P.M. we had a good meeting[.] all seemed to feel well[.] I felt thankful for our prospers Journey. and truly God has blessed us on our Journey this far[.] Br Festus Sprague with us all the way[.] he helped me drive team[,] a b[i]g [help] to my wife

Mo 14 of June 1852 traveld about 22 ms saw 17 graves near the road[.] Camped at a clear stream of watter[.] tied up our Cattel

Tues 15th of June 1852 went about 22 ms[.] saw about 15 graves[.] Camped near a slew of watter[.] let our Cattel run without guarding[.] it rained

Wed 16 Jun went about 22 ms[.] passed about 9 graves[.] Crossed Dry and Elem [Elm] Creek[.] Camped

Thur 17th June 1852 we started Early[.] met 6 Elders from Salt Lake City going to England and Itialy[.] they sung some good songs[.] it was a pleasent meeting[.] we felt to rejoice to meete to gather[.] it was about 11 AM[.] we passe 4 graves[.] went about 18 ms[,] Camped about ½ mil from the platt[e] River[.] some of the boys went to the River[.] Br John Nelsons Child had a waggon run over its leg[.] we annointed it and laid hands on the child and was relieved and the 18th it was smart[.] we Camped here all night[.] felt well

Fri 18th of June 1852 travled about 12 ms in the A.M[.] passed 2 graves an about Noon bap[tized] 2 persons Sister Lob [Mary Jane McGinnis Laub] for her health[,] sickness of stomach and vomiting[,] she was better[.] after word I Baptized Charles [William] Hardy and confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints[.] he was a sone of Josiah [Guile] Hardy[.] we traveld near 19 ms[,] some Mud[.] we Camped about ½ mile from the River[.] we had passed 3 or 4 grav[e]s in the p.M[.] we made a long drive

Sat 19th of June 1852 we passed sevrel Co of Emegrants and 29 graves[,] it being 109 graves Sinc[e] we lef[t] winter quarters[.] we went about 23 ms[.] Camped[.] we had passed 2 Cold Springs of watter[.] Crossed Skunk Creek[,] had Some mud and heavy Sandy Roads[.] Camped near the River[.] grass midling good[.] we guarded our Cattle through the night[.] all midling well an I felt glad to get along so well

Sun 20 of June 1852 Morning Clear[.] day warm[.] one sister was quite over Come with the heat[.] Br John Higby and I annointed and laid hands on her[.] she was relieved felt bitter [better.] name I have forgot[.] our Cattle rested[.] had go[o]d feed[.] we had meeting in the p.M[.] Br Higbee and others spoke[.] had a good meeting and pray at nigh[t] in tent

Mo 21—June we travled about 20 ms[.] passed about 17 graves[.] mostly died in June 1850 the year I left th valley[.] some in Camp unwell but by annointing and laying on hands the sick were restored[.] we Camped on the praire[.] had prayer at night[.] I felt glad to be here

Tues 22 of June 1852 we passed over some sandy bluffs[.] Some in Camp unwell but by Annointing and laying on hands they were releaved[,] had prayer <in> Carell

Wed 23 June 1852 prayer in the Morning[.] day cool[.] passed 15 graves and over some hea[v]y sandy roads[.] Crosed some Creeks on our way[.] Camped ½ mile from the River[.] We had come about 20 ms. prayer in the Carell at night

Thur 24 of Jun 1852 Cool heavy wheeling[.] passed 16 graves in the AM[.] we went about 19 ms[.] Camped near the River[.] passed a few graves[.] in the PM we camped near the River[,] Baptized my wife for her health[.] she was blessed felt better[.] prayer in Camp

Fri 25 of June 1852 quite pleasent[.] traveld about 20 ms[.] pass 15 graves[.] some sand[.] day Cool[.] good for our team[.] we Camped about ¼ of a mile from the River

Sat 26th of June 1852 had a shower of rain before Starting[.] it laid the dust nic[e]ly[.] travled about 10 ms. stopped for washing[.] had to burn Buffalow Chips[.] We passed about 10 graves[.] Some Sand[.] day warm[.] some mud and sloug[h]s to cross[.] traveled near the river[.] Camped about ¼ mile from the river

Sun 27 of June 1852 day Clear and warm[.] Cattle graising on the prairy[.] Some of the Saints playing on instruments of music and peace in Camp. Lucinda [Sprague Bay, and] Laura walked out to the river before meeting[.] there was a shower[.] it hindered meeting a short time but met about 5 p.M[.] singing and prayer by br Higbee[.] had a good Meeting[.] heard good instructions from Brs Higbee an Br Mc neal[.] to day there is 53 in our Co 1st firs 10 Min womin and Children. some from gemany [Germany] joind our Co to day[.] th Sister had bee[n] Administered th 26th By Br Hardy and I[.] all tolerbly well to day in our Co

Mo 28th June day warm[.] some sand[.] saw an Express[.] Sent 3 letters to the State[.] pased 5 graves in the AM and a fire in the p.M[.] Com about 19 Ms. Camped about ½ half a mile from the River[.] lots of woolvs roun howling[.] ha[d] a good time[.] I felt well

Tues 29 of June 1852 day warm[.] passed 5 graves[.] traveled 18 or 20 miles[.] som sandy road[.] Camped about 1½ ms from the river[.] had prayer in Camp[.] Monlit

Wed 30th of June 1852 day quite warm[.] travled near 20 ms passed a few graves[.] Cam[p]ed near the River[.] Sister Laura beal was baptized for her health By Br Josiah Hardy[.] she was relieved and quite well after ward[.] we had prayer at night

Thur 1st of July 1852 stopped about 3 hours[.] quite warm[.] took a walk with my wife[.] she read some in the New testiment 11 an 12 chapters of Mark[.] I felt well in listening to her[.] we passed 6 graves and a Co of Emigrants that had the small pox in their Company it wa[s] said low in all[.] 20 ms[.] Camped near the River[.] some dry wood to be had[.] we had pray in the Carell

Fri 2 June [July] day warm[.] traveled about 8 to a creek of Clear watter 200 yds South of the road passed 6 graves[.] saw some wild Currents[.] went up on some bluffs where I could see the platt[e] River[.] travled about 10 ms[.] my wife and I walked out on the bluffs near a mile[,] read some in the Testiment[.] felt the spirit of God in reading and prayer

Sat 3 of July 1852 day warm[.] I was mooving my loading and getting watter for my wife to wash and some of the Brs went a hunting[,] Brs pary [Perry,] Hardy and Br John p. Hite [Hyde.] in the Morning I annointed a foot of Br Wm Wessley Swadley[.] it was bitten by a spider[.] swelon [swelling] quite much but was relieved and at night Br Pary[,] Br Hardy and I laid hand on it[.] had prayr in the Carell.

Sun 4 of July 1852 the 76 year of our Indipendence[.] we set up some green Cotton wood near the banks of the platt for a shaid [shade] to meet in[.] I asked Wm Wesly Swadley if his foot was better[.] he said it was[.] some Mottoes were written

the first was[,] peace and quietness is our Motto[,] on one side and on the other remember the Lord By Henrey Hochhalter

the 2nd Let kings b dethroend and domions Cast down but the Latter day saints for ever shal stand. these words ar from the great I am or Jehova[h] and are Certin and sure by wise Daniel proclaimed By George and Mary Laub

the 3rd was Bear one anothers burthens and thus fullfill the law of Christ

the 4 Motto Let all the sones and daughters of Columbia ever bear in mind that thoes men who declared Indipendance were inspired from on high and may peace and Liberty triumph over all the World and may the saints of Latter days this day remember the God of Jacob and may peace forever be with all of the Authoritys of the Kingdom of God on Earth[.] May the glory of God Extend over all his saints this day in all the world[.] The Lamanit[e]s on whoes land we now are May they soon obey the gospel and remember the God of Israel and may we be instruments in the Hands of God in bringing them to the Knowlege of the Truth By James W Bay and Lucinda Bay

We had a good meeting good instructions from Bros Pack[,] Higbee[,] Townsen[d,] and Farnesworth[.] all spoke well[.] Br Pary [Perry] Liston and I baptized sister philindia [Philinda] Ke[e]ler for remission of her sins and for her health[.] she was greatly relieved and blessed[.] I stood guard the latter part of the night.

Mo 5 of July 1852 one ox got a way[.] it hindered us 2 hours but we traveled about 17 ms[.] got a good place to Camp[.] passed a few graves

Tues 6th of July 1852 passed fort Larama [Laramie] travled about 20 miles[.] saw some Corn growing[.] had a good place to Camp[.] felt well in mind

Wed 7th of July 1852 Crossed som part of the black hills[.] passed 13 graves[.] Camped near the River[.] Came 16 ms[.] Br Laub laid and I laid hands on his wife for a pain in her shoulder[.] she was relieved[.] some oxen got mired but were got out all right[.] Camped[.] we had prayer before retiring to rest

Thur 8 of July 1852 day cool[.] we left the river[.] Crossed the hills[.] traveled about 4 ms[.] Came to a dry creek[.] wood and gras but no watter[.] then in about 2 ms grass plenty[.] traveled 18 miles. Camped about 1 mile from the River found good runing water and good grass[.] Crossed a small Creek made of Springs[.] some were showing oxen in P.M

Fri 9th of July 1852 traveled about 2 ms. Came to a good stream of water[.] My wife and I took a walk over the bluffs[.] saw some beautiful rolling hills[.] some Mountains[.] had a pleasent time[.] stopped at noon on a creek about 8 ms from the one we had crossed in A.M. grass poor[.] plenty of wood for Camping[.] went about 2 ms[.] Came to the River[.] wattered our Cattel[.] went 3 ms[.] camped near the river[.] passed 7 graves[.] went 16 ms. Saw a great many thing that was thrown away[.] heared to day that sister Filinda [Philinda] Kele [Keeler] died in Br James Townesens Co[.] in reckning at this date there is 83 head of Cattel[,] 12 waggons and 47 souls in our Co[.] in all health midling good[.] we camped had prayer

Sat 10th of Jully 1852 we traveled 4 ms to Br Higbees Co and Camped with him[.] had a good time[.] we had to go in Small Co to get feed

Sun 11 of July 1852 we had meeting in the A.M. good time and in the P.M. Br Higbee started on and we had meeting in the P.M. 3 oClock[.] good time

Mo 12th of July we traveled about 24 ms[.] Road rough and hilly[.] poor grass the most of the way and wh[e]re we Camped some of our Cattle crossed the River and in the morning we crossed the rest[.] for better feed we had to Cross to get our Cattle before Starting

Tues 13th of July 1852 we traveled about 20 miles[.] some Sand[.] Camped about ½ a mile from the River[.] gras midling[.] go some sandy bluffs near the River

Wed 14th of July 1852 A sister sick in Camp named Sarah Buckwalter[.] had a kind of a fit and was deranged during the day[.] Br Pary [Perry,] Br Hardy[,] Br [John] E[a]by and I annointed and laid hands on her and she appeared relieved[.] we stopped at noon[.] Set 2 waggon tires[.] had some heavy sand[.] traveled 12 ms[.] Camped near the River[.] good place to Camp

Thur 15 of July 1852 pleasent day[.] we laid by for sickness[.] Sarah Buckwa[l]ter still sick[.] 7 Bay boys went a hunting[.] my wife washed some[.] we had a meeting heard good instructions[.] the boys came in at night and brought some Antelop meat[.] they killed 4[.] the meat came in good

Fri 16th of July 1852 we traveled 12 ms[.] Camped near the R[.] gras short[.] the sick better[.] al was glad[.] I felt thankful to God for it

Sat 17 of July we traveled near 20 ms[.] had good grass buy Crossing our Cattle to the south side of the River[.] Captin Kelton stoped at the same <place>

Sun 18 July 1852 trveld about 6 ms[.] Camped near the River[.] Crossed our Cattle over the River[.] found good grass[.] the Boys killed a Buffalow[.] got some meat

Mo 19 of July 1852 traveld about 22 ms. passed the willow Springs[.] Camped on a small creek[.] our Cattel wandered Some distance from our Camp

Tues 20 of July 1852 hunting Cattel and traveld 15 ms[.] finely found them but did not Moove our waggons[.] I and Br Isaac Perrey found three Boys from the Valley[.] they lent me a hors to ride to Camp[.] I felt thankful for it and God will bless them

Wed 21st. went to Sweet Watter [Sweetwater.] Camped with some valley boys[.] had a go[o]d time with them

Thur 22 of July 1852 passed Indipendence [Independence] Rock[.] Stoped at noon[.] I and my wif Lucinda[,] Laura A Beal[,] Metilda [Matilda] Farr and others walked upon it[.] was a Magestic sight[.] saw a great many names on the Rock[.] passed the Devils Gate before night[.] near all the Co went to see it and it is worthy of Attention. some Rock near 400 feet high[.] The sweete watter River runs between the leages [ledges] of the Rock[.] travel’d near 13 ms[.] Camped near sweet watter crick[.] the grass tolerbly good[.] Br Pary and I guarded our Cattle the fore part of the night and John Hight [Hyde] and Festus Sprague the latter part[.] cattle safe

Fri 23rd of July traveled 15 ms[.] Camped in a hansome place

Sat 24 of July 1852 the day of the Month that the pioneers went in to Salt Lake Valley in the year 1847. we traveled about 18 ms[.] found good grass for our teams[.] felt thankful to God

Sun 25 of July 1852 had 2 meetings in the A.M and one in the p.M. partook of the Sacrement in the P.M[.] had a good meeting and in the Evening heard the Reserection Hymn sung By some Boys from the valley[.] all felt well

Mo 26 of July went to the Mountains[.] got some wood[.] set 15 waggon tires[.] Some of the Br[other]s and I put whooping under the tire thick enough to tighten it[.] tow [two] oxen was shod on the fore feet with Leather shoes and one with Iron shoes[.] tieghed up our Cattle at night[.] felt safer by so doing[.] all well to night

Tues 27 of July 1852 started about 8 A.M. traveled about 6 ms and Br Laub Cracked one of Spindles of his waggon by running over a rock[.] had to stay about 3 hours to fix it[.] then we trveled about 14 ms[.] Camped near the River sweet watter[.] poor grass[.] 17 head of Cattle started off in the night. but we had a guard out but by some means they got through th line of guarding and went quite a ways off

Wed 28th of July 1852 found our Cattle in the pM and traveled 5 ms to the Ice Spring and tied up our Cattle[.] had prayer in Camp[.] Br Laub and I stord

Thur 29th of July 1852 traveled about 18 ms and Camped on Sweet watter[.] found Br Baum with 4 waggons[.] we tied up our Cattle and guarded them[.] grass rather poor

Fri 30th of July 1852 traveled near 15 ms[.] Camped near to strawberry Creek[.] gras poor[.] passed over Rocky Ridge[.] it rained some at night

Sat 31st of July 1852 traveled 10 ms to the last Crossing of the Sweet watter[.] grass tolerbly good[.] rained and blew[.] one ox died in the night[.] it appeared to be the bloody Merren[.] I believe it is the first

Sun the first Aug 1st 1852 Camped still on sweet watter[.] We had 2 meetings[,] one in the A.M and one in the p.M and had good instrutions[.] felt well

Mo 2nd August 1852 went over the south pass[.] Camped on the pacific Creek maid by the pacific springs[.] we had travled about 13 ms[.] watter runs west

Tues 3 of August 1852 traveled about 22 ms[.] Camped on little Sandy[.] grass poor[.] I stood guard[.] let the Cattle run without tying up[.] they were vary quiet

Wed 4 of Aug 1852 traveled 8 ms[.] grass tolerbly good[.] we Camped on big Sandy[.] getting along well

Thurs 5 of Aug 1852 traveled 18 ms[.] camp on big Sandy[.] tolerbly good grass[.] tied up our Cattle[.] felt Safer[.] they traveled about 12 ms to green River and

Fri 6 Aug 1852 Crossed at the ford[.] good fourding[.] Camped <here> near the River[.] had a dance[.] some Boys here from the valley with us had a good time

Sat 7th of Aug 1852 the boys from the valley went on and 2 of our Co went with them[.] we traveled about 23 ms[.] Camped at Blacks fork

Sun 8 of Aug 1852—had meeting[.] all seemed to feel well[.] I feel to thank the Lord to day while I write[.] it rained some[.] had vary good grass

Mo 9th of Aug 1852 traveled about 17 ms[.] Camped at Blacks fork[.] had good grass[.] felt well

Tues 10 of Aug 1852—traveled about 9 ms[.] Camped on pleasent str[e]am[.] my wife washed some[.] stoped about noon[.] grass good[.] I stood guard[.] saw sevrel Meteors Shoot and one was about the size of ½ full moon or half as big as the Moon when full[.] it was a curious sight to behold[.] I felt well

Wed 11 of Aug 1852 travled near 9 ms to fort Bridger[.] saw a Brother from the valley By the name of Allen[.] he prayed with us[.] at night we had a guard out around our cattle[.] rained some in the night[.] felt well

Thur 12 of Aug 1852 traveled 13 ms[.] Camped on Muddy fork[.] good grass on the Creek and plenty of wild Currents[.] Camped[.] had prayer

Fri 13 Aug traveled about 20 ms to Bear River [.] I stopped at the tar Springs[.] got some tar[.] it was near 2 ms from the River near the Sulphur Springs[.] we had a vary steep hill to go up and down before reaching Bear River[.] let our Cattle go without guarding[.] the brush was vary thick here and heard [hard] to guard

Sat Aug 14th traveled about 8 ms[.] Camped on yellow Creek[.] Saw tow [two] 2 Brs from the valley[.] I bought 4 lbs of chees of them at 30 cts per lb[.] they let us have some flour from the valley[.] we drove our Cattle near our waggons and let them go without guardi[ng.] we had a dance at night[.] felt well

Sun 15 Aug Morning Cold and frosty[.] my wife and I walked out a while about noon[.] felt well[.] had meeting at 2 P.M. had good teaching from Br Baum[.] felt well and thankful to God

Mo 16 of Aug 1852 went to Echo Canion [Canyon.] Camped there[.] glad to get along so well[.] went near 20 ms I think

Tues 17th of Aug 1852 went about 17 ms to Weber River[.] Camped for the night[.] glad to get along so well

Wed 18 traveled near 18 miles[.] Camped in Kanion [Canyon] Creek[.] getting along well[.] felt well

Thur 19 of August 1852 we traveled over the Second Mountain 13 or 14 ms[.] Camped on Browns Creek[.] all quite well[.] soon to be in the Citty

Fri 20th we went in to the Citty[.] Saw Br S Ceria[.] had a good time talking[.] all well[.] I felt glad to get home again[.] 2 Y[ears] 4 m[onths] <gon>