Transcript for "Life sketch of Charlotte Mee Beal", DUP Pioneer History Collection.

With my fourteen year old sister, I set sail for America on May 25th, 1856 on the ship Horizen, under Captain Read. Brother and Sister William Paxman, Sister McPherson, and Langley A. Bailey came over in the same company to Boston. Brother and Sister Thomas Ord also came at the same time.

From Iowa, we came by hand-cart. Part of the way I walked, and part of the way I was hauled in a wagon or hand-cart. One day I walked and crawled eight miles, and my knees finally bled. We had a very hard trip.

Bad weather came on early and we suffered from cold and hunger, finally reaching Salt Lake City, Nov. 30th, 1856. The next month my ankle was operated upon and the year following I was baptized for my health, and was able to walk soon after.