Transcript for Benjamin Gardner notebook, 1851-1862

June the 13th 1852

the North Pigeon Company was organized under the direction of E T Benson[,] Benjamin Gardner was appointed Captain of the Company it being the tenth fifty[;] Jude Allen was appointed Capted [Captain] of the guard and Joseph Nichlas [Nicholas] assistant[.] Beverly C Boren was apointed Clerk[.] Crost Misourie [Missouri] river on the 21[st] of June[.] by request of Elder Benson A P Chesley remained there

also on the 29 Lorenzo Jo[h]nson[,] JC Hall[,] Agrip[p]a Coopper [Cooper] and Br Read returned to the river order of E T Benson as guard[.] they was furnished with fore [four] horses[,] guns[,] provision

June 30 Brother Larson died[.] Emaly [Emily] Marinda Jo[h]nson died the 29[th] aged 2 years[,] 9 months and Elizabeth Marrinda Mangum died on the 30th aged 1 year[,] & 9 mo[,] 8 9 day[s] and Sariah Mangum on the 5th of July aged 36 y[,] 11 mon[,] 27 days[;] on the 5th Mariah Lane aged 46 years [;] on the 8th William Lane aged 55 years [;] on the 11th Alfred Hunt 5 years[,] 4 m[,] 11 days[;] on the 12 LouCrecia [Lucretia] Jane Boren aged 1 year 10 months[,] 2 days[.] The only daughter of B C and M.J. Boren and on William Francis Beal on the 12th aged 2 years[,] 5 months[,] 3 days and on the 16 Hosea Berian Boren aged 12 years[,] 7 mon[,] 11 days and on the 19th Catharine Wilson aged 2 years[,] 7 m[,] 16 days[,] and on the 29th Jude Allen Juneyer [Junior] aged 1 year[,] 1 month[,] 4 days

on the 7th of July Lorenzo Jo[h]nson and J C Hall returned to the Company and on the [illegible] night of the 24th of July A P Chesley and Agrippa Coopper [Cooper] returned in Company with E T Benson[,] John Taylor[,] Erastus Snow and [blank space] Richards and others

and on the 25th A meeting was held and much instruction given after which E.T. Benson consider<ed> it wisdom to divide the Company[.] Lorenzo Jo[h]nson was apointed to take Charge of the 2th [2nd] division subject to the orders of Cpt g[u]ard

then on the 8th of August the first and 2th [2nd] division encamped near to geather[.] the Captains of the tens were Cald in Council with regard to Crossing on the south side of the river[.] after Consulting a few minutes it was motioned by B.C. Boren and Second[ed] by Allen Russel[l] that they we remained on the north side of the river[.] the vote were thence Caled and susttained unianimos [unanimous]