Transcript for Bezzant, Harriet Charlotte Wright, "Biography of John and Charlotte Smith Wright by Their Daughter, Hattie Wright Bezzant."

In 1863 they moved to Liverpool, and in 1866 emigrated to Utah.

 Early in the year they, with their three children, Hyrum Isaac age 10, John Jr. age 7, and a baby girl, left Liverpool and sailed on the ship Orkwright.  After seven weeks and five days on the ocean they landed at New York.  They traveled by railroad from New York to Omaha, Neb.

 The company of Saints remained at Omaha three days to prepare for the journey overland by ox teams.  While at Omaha their baby girl died.  The mother sat in the shelter of some trees and held the dead child until morning.  A sister in the party, Miss [Elizabeth] Kettle, (afterward Mrs. John Peters.) made some burriel clothing and a board coffin was made and the dear little child was buried here among others who had passed away while enroute across the plains for those who could not stand the hardships of the journey.

 They crossed the plains in the company under Captains Andrew H. Scott and John Haws both of Provo, Utah.  The father of Andrew Jensen (Church Historian) [Christian Jensen] and his family and Wm. O. Williamsen's and Hebertson's families, later of Pl[easant] Grove, also came in this company from Omaha.  They arrived in Salt Lake Oct. 8th and on the 10th came to Pleasant Grove where the Smiths (Mrs. Wright's parents) lived in a log house on the lot where the Mayhew, later Nebber, house now stands.