Transcript for Bigler, Nancy Ann Keller, Golden Jubilee Acceptance Letter, 26 March 1897

Letter # 70001-346

March 26th, 1897

Pres. Spencer Clawson, Pioneer Jubilee Committee, Salt Lake City

Dear Sir:  I write to inform you that I am one of the Pioneers of 1847 having come to Utah with my parents Alva Keller and Roxey Keller in Bp. Edward Hunter’s Company of 100.  Part of the team my father drove belonged to Bp. Hunter.  I helped drive the loose cattle all the way across the plains and most of the way barefooted.  I was 10 years old at that time.  In the spring of 1848, our family moved out to what is now known as East Mill Creek in Salt Lake County.  The farm that father took up is still in possession of some of the family.  My mother is still living, at the age of 85 on Provo River near Camas, P.O. Address Park City with her son-in-law John Bates.  I am not able to give you exact date when we arrived in Utah but no doubt you have it in your possession.  I will close trusting the celebration will be a success in every particular.  I remain yours respectfully, Nancy Ann Bigler

P.S. My home has been Brigham City since 1876.