Transcript for Bitter, Rosina Wilhelmina Aust, Autobiographical sketch, in Roberta Blake Barnum and Paul Russell Peine, Saint George, Utah, Original Pioneers [1999], 45

We stayed in Winter Quarters 3 weeks waiting for church teams. We put our belongings that we did not need in the middle of the wagon up to the bows. They made two compartments in each wagon, then put one family in the front with 3 children (the 4th born on the trail) and two families in the back. There was one tent for two wagons and the necessary camp kettles were tied under the wagon.

We started across the plains 2 July 1861 in Captain Joseph Young’s Company. We all walked to keep up with the oxen. I had a baby to carry. We used buffalo chips when there was no wood. Our provisions were given out once a week, which was flour, bacon, died apples, tea and sugar.

We arrived in the Salt Lake Valley 20 Sep 1861.