Transcript for Blodgett, Sarah Susannah Garrard, Autobiographical sketch, in Sarah Lucy Bronson Boden and Nina Beth Goe Cunningham, Reid Family History [1972], 55

Our team was two yoke of oxen and one yoke of cows a wagon and a tent to ten Persons[.] then We started a cross the plains and some days We could not get eny watter for our selvs or teams and one time I stood on the tung of our wagon and I saw two squaws a leading a little girl of ours a way with them and I told on them and they laughed over it and one time six big Indens [Indian's] come and set across the road and We had to give them some flour to let us pass. We had to pick up buffalow [buffalo] chips to burn for We could not get eny wood. I walked most of the way a cross the plains and two girls and my self started a head one day and We got most out of site of the teams and when the Capton over took us he talked prety plain to us girls for it and when our teams got thin and poore We had to sell our bedden and brake up some of our boxes to liten our loads.

We got to Salt Lake City September the 30th 1853 and after our teams were sold at auction We got three dollars a peace