Transcript for "Bowery," Deseret News, 17 October 1855, 253

SUNDAY, Oct. 14, 1855.

At 10 a.m., singing by the Choir. Prayer by Elder Daniel Carn. Singing, Elders William Pitt and Earl, lately returned from a mission to England, gave brief and interesting accounts of some of the incidents in their travels, and were exceedingly rejoiced with the privilege of again enjoying the society of their families and the saints in these peaceful valleys.

Prest. B. Young called Elder David Wilkin upon the stand to give an account of the immigration still back. The purport of his remarks will be found under the head, news from our immigration.

Elder Thos. Bullock read two letters from Elder Milo Andrus to Prest. B. Young, dated Sept. 26 and Oct. 1, giving an account of the positions and circumstances of his company; he also read a list of that company, which in the 3d P. E. Fund company.

Prest. B. Young wished some of the brethren to take teams and some provisions and go to the assistance of their friends on the plains.


Singing. Benediction by Elder E. Snow.
2 p.m.