Transcript for Bramall, William, Diary, 1857 Apr.-1862 June

May 1 wee was one the way for hour homes with chearfull harts[.] 20 wagons in the train[.] 112 persons mett near Chimney Rock[.] Curnal Thomas L. Cain [Kane] Returning from utah for Washington[.] he Brought us a Letter from Presidend Brigham Young giving us some good Councel and instructing us Which way for us to go wich Cheered our harts[.] we truly was Glad with this Kind favour on arriving on Big Sandy River. Wee Left the old Road for the Kineys Cutt off and struck Bare [Bear] River and followed it up 60 miles and then swam our Horses and Ferried our Baggage over in waggon Boxes and did get all over safe after a whole Days work of hard labour then Proceeded for Echo Kanyon [Canyon] and pas struck the old Road 12 miles a head of General Johnstons Command of 1400 men. In the Kanyon we passed 300 sappers and miners Repareing Roads and co[mpany.] Passed without aney trouble

On June 21st we arrived in Salt Lake City all well and Rejoicing that the Lord had Delivered and Perserved our Lives to Return to our homes in peace once more