Transcript for Breinholt, Jens Peter Larsen, Journal, 6-7, in Breinholt family histories, 1844-1990

We started on the train at 6 PM and rode 300 miles to what was then the terminal of the U.P. Railroad caled North Platt[e]. Between the South and North Platte Rivers. We arived there at noon the 18th we there erected our tents and made our camp. We stayed there til Aug. 11th. In that time we were watting for our wagons and oxens. Our company was what was called an independent company. There war a number famelys who had means and they bought their own teams. Agents had been sent out from Salt Lake City to buy up these oxen and wagons and make the nesesary arangements for provision, but we had to wit here 19 days and it caused considerable dissatisfactory. Considerable sicnes was in our camp and several deaths occurred among these ware Sander Andersen and his wife. While staying there I worked for about a week togeather with others of the Brothern on the Real Road for $2.00 a day. These war used mostly to buy provisions which was a very good thing for the amount devited out to us woult not have been sufficient. The later part of time we stayed here I had a very bad festering in my left hand which caused me considerable pain.

We were visited while here by a company of Apsosates coming from Utah who showed considerable gitterness [bitterness] innenst [against] the church but their poison did not efect enny of the members of our company.

Wen our oxen and sagons vinely arived we had quite a work in lerning to handle the oxen. Jens Jacovsen [Jacobson] was the owner of a team consisting of a wagon and 2 yock of oxen. With thes team we traveled 8 persons nemly Bro. Jacovsen [Jacobsen] and wife [Maren] their son Jacob about 10 and daughter Dorthea about 15 years old, Soren Petersen & wife, Catherine Christensen and me self. Bro. Petersen and meself was to drive the teams acros the planes to Salt Lake we take turns in duing these and nothing of and unpleasant nature arose nether between hem or me or betwin the rest of the fellow travelers. The train ware divited into 6 devitions with 10 wagons each and a President for each devition. Our Pres. ware Jens Hansen from Spanish Fork Utah. We ware kalled to prayer by signal of cornet every morning and evening somewhere out side camp. There we war forming a cirkle and one of our number ware called on to lead in prayer after a hyme had been sung. Sometimes a few encouring word and words of instruction woult be spoke.

Aug. 11th Son. We broke up camp and drove to the South Platte and camped.

Mon. 12 We drove 18 miles without stoping. The heat and dust and the long walk ware very hard on good menny and even we yung people felt that it war not all fond. An old man Niels Jensen from my feald of labor krawled under the wagon while it stoped to get a drink of watter and the team started and the wheel went over and broke both his thie [thigh] and leg, at the time we reach Utah he coult walk on cruches.

Tues. 13 We Continued along the South Platte Camped at noon and evening good grass and water.

Wed. 14 Continued, in the afternoon a yung man by the name of [Niels Peter] Hansen from Aarhus Conferense war shot with a bullet from a revolver over the right eye through calresnes by some of de Danish Brethern who ware shooting after a rabit by the side of the train and it was seposed that the bullet strike a stone and glansed. The yung man was driving a teame.

Thurs. 15 All went well.

Fri. 16-We camped close to Julasburg We had on the whole road to here benin blest with good grass and water.

Sat 17-We remained in our camp. In the afternoon we ware visited by a lady from my feald of labor Lena Jensen who had emegrated the year previous. She ware maried to a speculator who ware not a member of the church. He had their own horse and mule teams and ware camped about 4 miles from us.

Son. 18th We had a short metting in the morning in the afternoon meself, my sister Ane, Mette Maria Sander and Ane Sophia Christensen from Vensysol [Vendsyssel] visited Lena Jensen’s kamp and on the return from there I had the first walk with Sophia who afterward became my bride. On the evening I went on gard, and here ends my daly jurnal. So what I writ here after is after my best recolection. We receved in Julsborg som provision there ware a great deal of desatesfactopm on regard to these and not without reason. The one to blame for these war an agent sent out by the church, but I don’t recolect his name. We brock up our camp and continued on our jurney.

April 19th I think it was that day that the yung mand Hansen who was accidently shot, died and was buried.

Our jurney ware as pleasant as coult very well be expected. A couple of more deaths ocured but generaly good heth prevailed in the company and also a good spirit and feeling as well as good order. I drove the team in turn with Soren Peterson and day by day as we traveled along I got better and better aquinted with my girl and when I didn’t drive the team I generaly walked with her and as there ware so many yung people both men and girls the time pased verry lively. One day I came verry near baning a serious addicent and it hapened in these way. We ware crossing a dipe moodhole I was standing on wagontunge driving the oxen and as the front whiles went down the bottom of the wagon box presed down on my foot and on the other side of my foot was the iron that held the chain in wich the team ware pulling and it kept on presing harder and harder til the ends of the boards of the wagon bed broke and if it had not been for that it would have benin very serious and I did look upon it as almost a mirakle that it went that way. I had to stay on the wagon for 2 or 3 days, but after that my foot was allright.

Oct. 1867. We arived in Salt Lake City the 5th of Oct. after 8 weeks traveling with ox team. We came through Parleys Canyon and camped by the mouth of the canyon for about a hour. Late in the afternoon and then we drove down to the Church Farm about 2 miles South of S.L. City.