Transcript for Bridges, Charles Henry, Autobiographical sketch [ca. 1885], 2

What were your motives or expectations in coming to Utah?
My greatest motive was to learn more of the principles of the Gospel which I had received, and my expectations were realized

How were you outfitted for this journey?
My outfit consisted of about forty pounds of luggage—including bedding, clothing, and all earthly possessions[.] When I set sail from Waterloo docks-Liverpool-England, and after paying my full fare to Utah had a half sovereign left

When did you start?
Set sail from Liverpool <on ship “Enoch Train”> 23 day of March 1856

By what route did you come?
Arrived in Boston May 1st[.] Thence by steamer “Plymouth Rock” up Long Island Sound, Hudson River to New York, Thence by rail to Iowa city, where I started with first handcart company June 9

Under whose command, and whose direction?
Captain Edmund Ellsworth

What associations formed on the way?
None—except those of our company

What interesting incidents took place while on the way?
In our early travels, Father [James] Bowers died on the journey and with others I stood guard in that night and kept fires burning, to keep the howling wolves around us from the corpse; while traveling opposite Ash hollow in a rain and thunder storm Father [Henry] Walker was struck & killed by lightning, his wife [Isabella] knocked down, and <also> two young men knocked down and one young man stun[n]ed, all with one cart, no others were Injured.

When did you arrive in Utah?
26 day Sept 1856.