Transcript for Brigham Young letter, Camp of Israel, Platte River, 1847 May 28

I, Brigham, am constrained by the spirit to say to you, my brethren, in this camp of Pioneres, who have gone; or who have come out of bondage to find a location for a Stake of Zion, except you repent, and humble yourselves before the Lord, you shall not have power to accomplish your mission; and all your toils and labor will prove a curse instead of a blessing unto you. In vain do you think that your works will be accepted of the Lord, whilst your hearts are far from him.

The voice of the Spirit of the Lord, is, unto the elders of Israel, Prepare ye for the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven; yea, in a pillar of fire, to take vengeance on the ungodly; yea, this is my commandment unto you, mine elders, saith the Lord Almighty, that you speedily repent, lest judgment overtake you, and you be numbered with the foolish virgins.

Let this suffice; take heed to your ways, and keep your former covenants; and I the Lord will deliver you from all your enemies, Saith him who is your Advocate with the Father; even so, Amen.

Camp of Israel's Pioneers
May 28th 1847
Platt[e] River


A true copy of Record
W[illard]. Richards; Recorder.