Transcript for Brigham Young letter, 24 August 1848, 2.


Camp of Israel, on the last crossing of the Sweetwater.



August 24, 1848. 4 p.m.


To Parley P. Pratt, John Taylor, The Presidency and High Council of the Great Salt Lake City.

Dearly beloved brethren: I again write you, by the hands of brother [William] Armstrong, who has promised to bring you this; to state, that the slow teams are rolling ahead, and will continue their journey to the Weber river, where they will tarry until I arrive. From this place I shall send back to Winter Quarters all the teams that are going to return; and 35 are already engaged to start back on Monday next. I have heard from Brother Heber today. His companies are 20 miles and upwards, in our rear, the cattle many of them worn out, and four or five dying every day. At this place we have three or four dying daily.

Be it known to all the camps between this place and the Valley, that all the teams, wagons men and means that come from the Valley must be allowed to come on to this place and not be turned back on the road.

It is also my desire that all the wagons and teams that you may hereafter think kind enough to send unto us, that you instruct the men to come on straight to this place; for it is our intention to bring up the rear, and pick up every slow team, or those who are not enabled to convey themselves any further.

We are all enjoying tolerable good health, for which blessing we praise the Lord. We have heard of the death of one woman at Deer Creek, and of one child killed by being run over by a wagon.

We rejoiced on the receipt of your Epistle to us, and the cheering news brought to us by the brethren.

I remain, dearly beloved in the Gospel of peace,


Your affectionate brother.
Brigham Young.